Declutter and Living Space Revamp! Part 2

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Hey guys! This is the second part of my second KonMari declutter! And today, we’re focusing on both books and papers. Honestly, I felt that both categories would correlate really well, so I decided to put them both in this post.

Also, today (October 1st) marks one year since we got the keys to this place! So chuffed!

Reiterating the Goal

The main goal was to have as little clutter as possible, while being ready to have new carpets in the flat. This week’s task should be easier, as we attempt to keep on top of all of the books and paperwork that we do have.


I include DVDs, video games and CDs in this section too, because they are pretty similar, and I organise them in a similar way. I still had books at my parents’ home, so I made the room for them to be organised on the bookshelf. I did do a mass book declutter last year, but I like to keep a lot of relevant reference books, as well as novels. I’m positive that I like the books that I have, and they spark joy. I very recently organised the bookshelf with our books, so we take a couple of shelves each, and we share a reference shelf for now. A week after I did the clothing declutter, my mum dropped off the rest of my books, along with the shelving that I originally had them on.

Connor has a CD shelf that we want to repurpose as a shelf for video game cases, as we both have separate consoles (and share a Switch). As for the DVDs, some of them we have dupes, so we just put one of them aside to donate or sell on. All of them had a home in the bedroom temporarily, until we got the carpet and a new bookshelf in.


We tend to keep on top of our paperwork at times, and we actually have a special folder to keep our home-related paperwork, which I actually whipped up last year when we moved in. That way, it keeps us up to date with everything that’s happening, and we know where all of the paperwork is. We’ve not had a slip-up yet! I also realise that a lot of people actually do this, and it’s so good, isn’t it? Plus it helps that we get paperless bills now, so we don’t have to worry about the mail coming through for bills.

Our kitchen drawer was formerly a haven for our important paperwork pertaining to bills (yay, not!). You know, throwing out things that don’t spark joy sadly does not extend to household bills, so we have to keep that, as much as it pains me.

However, last year, I admitted an addiction to stationery – namely notebooks. I used to buy notebooks when I’d forget one when I was out. However, I have started to use a notebook until I’ve filled all of the pages. That way, I’ve made good use of the notebook. The pandemic has helped me not to buy much anyway. With that in mind, I knew I had to gather my notebooks and just get rid of any of the pages that are no longer relevant. It’s a pretty simple, yet therapeutic process. It turns out that, at the time, I still had nine notebooks left to use up, including the one that I’d nearly finished on, and another that I tend to use as a rest for my laptop mouse. I also found a small pocket jotter which will be perfect for writing our shopping lists. This section was more about consolidating and organising what we already had, and I made sure that we have a space where notebooks belong, including one at my desk for me to take notes, and another at my bedside for when I’m on my laptop.

Speaking of technology, this also kinda falls into that category. I’d already started the decluttering process on my PC, and I was getting on with doing it for my laptop. But my Wednesday (which felt so much like a Sunday) was so busy with writing and tidying, so I decided to do all of my organising when Connor was at work.

I’m also counting stationery in here, because I feel it goes hand in hand with books and paper. The first thing I do is to gather all of my pens to one place, grab a sheet of paper and just scribble. It allows me to test all of the pens to make sure they work – the working pens go in a new organisational structure, the dried-up pens just go in the bin. I tend to notice that I have waaaaaay too much in the way of stationery, and most recently it’s pencils. However, I use pencils a lot for my diary notes, just in case I have to have things rearranged.

I remember when I had an addiction to colouring books so I’d buy a lot of colouring pens just for that. I did find some really nice ones in the cluttered mix, which are in their own little pencil case so when I have the urge to colour, I know where the good pens are! As for the others? I’ll…sort them out. In order for my organisation system to truly work, I have to wait until the end of September (of which it’s the end of August as of writing this) before the living room carpet is down, and the new storage furniture is brought in!

Next time, we’ll be looking into the Komono section of the declutter. It’s a lengthy one, so we’ll be going over that in its own post!

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