Month: October 2020

Creating a New Area in Galar – The Heritage Forests

Hey guys! Quite a while back I tweeted that I had a dream where we got a Part 3 to the Sword/Shield Expansion Pass line-up, and it was based on forests. I was disappointed to wake up from that dream, so I’ll make it a reality, and see what we could garner from this. We

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Declutter and Living Space Revamp! Part 4

Hey guys! We’re towards the finish line for the KonMari declutter! Woohoo! Reiterating the Goal We’re decluttering. We wanted to tidy things up so we could easily get a carpet fitting in the living room, plus just to adjust everything and make it feel more like home. Sentimental Items Honestly I feel that I need

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Declutter and Living Space Revamp! Part 3

Hey guys! Yes, I’m still on this KonMari overhaul, and it’s been interesting so far. So far, I’ve tackled clothes, books and paper. Now, we’re moving onto Komono, which is going to be huge. So we’re just going to plough through! Reiterating the Goal Basically, my whole flat needed a deep clean and declutter! We

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