Top 10 Legendary Trios

Hey guys! Because of WordPress changing a lot of things about the Classic Editor, I had a lot of trouble getting this post to have its images work properly. So here we are, at long last, with the Top 10 Legendary Trios. The tears I shed for this post is…I hate it so much.

10. Legendary Titans

These are really only valid on this list up until Crown Tundra and the introduction of Regieleki and Regidrago – however, the Titans are basically only here because of the method of obtaining them. You have to have a good understanding of Braille (or something to translate it), as well as certain Pokemon in your party. The bells and whistles. But it makes getting access to these Legendary Pokemon a challenge.

9. Swords of Justice (minus Keldeo)

I’m not including Keldeo because it’s basically the apprentice, but if we go by the original three, then they are basically a Legendary Trio. I do like their inspiration from the Three Musketeers (hence why they should have been Kalos Pokemon instead of Unovan). But I like the three sharing the Fighting-type. My favourite? Virizion.

8. Light Trio

I feel like these three were massively improved in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, with Necrozma having been given a story, instead of just a random strange encounter in the previous games. I do feel that it’s very similar to the Tao Trio in terms of splicing and the new forms.

7. Darkest Day Trio

I had no idea what to call this trio but here we are. I love the contrast that two of the Pokemon cannot Dynamax, yet the other forces other Pokemon to do so, as well as Eternatus for bringing the Darkest Day. I love the fact that the entire trio is involved in the story regardless of the version you play.

6. Aura Trio

Zygarde, like Necrozma in Sun/Moon, should have had more of a story. I feel that that would have been the focal point for a Pokemon Z, so it’s a shame that that third game never transpired. I do love the contrast between Xerneas and Yveltal though, both bringing life and death respectively.

5. Tao Trio

Here we have the original fusion – with Kyurem being able to merge with both Reshiram and Zekrom. I think they’re all very magnificent, Reshiram especially. It’s also nice having a sequel pair of games to put Kyurem in the spotlight.

4. Legendary Beasts

They’re cats, goddamnit! Raikou is a saber-tooth tiger and Entei is a lion. Suicune could pass for a dog…

But anyway, I do like this trio as an established part of the story, as well as that one theory that they are revived versions of Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon. Suicune also gets a spot on the Crystal box art, which helps its case. And the shiny forms for each – perfeito!

3. Creation  Trio

I love this trio as separate Pokemon, so bringing them together is magnificent. Having only played Diamond, I’m more familiar with Dialga. However, I still love Giratina, and I think I’d love Palkia a lot more if I played Pearl. I love that their primary types can be seen as being based on the three states of matter – Dialga for solid (Steel), Palkia for liquid (Water) and Giratina for gas (Ghost).

2. Legendary Birds

This was, as is the case with a lot of others, my first of the Legendary Trios, before I knew what a Legendary Trio was. It started with Zapdos, went over to Articuno and ended with Moltres. I do kinda wish that they had more of a story in Kanto, though.

But the Galarian forms…

1. Weather Trio

That moment in Emerald when Rayquaza came down from the heavens to tell the naughty children, Kyogre and Groudon, off completely sold it for me. They’re so individual on their own, yet go together and compliment each other (like chalk and cheese and…a breath mint, but still).

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Legendary Trios

  1. Tim

    Legendary Birbs too low

    That said, I really like the Light trio from Sun/Moon…until the whole merging with Necrozma thing happened. It really made them feel like a rehash at that point.


    1. I felt that the whole merging with Necrozma gave it something to do in the story, although it’s lower on the list because it’s literally like the Gen 5 scenario.

      Birbs are second because I have sentimental feelings for that Rayquaza moment in Emerald.


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