Making Galar Gyms – Psychic

You knew this was coming, didn’t you? Well hello there, and this is the Psychic iteration of the Galar Gyms concept that I’ve been doing! Well this has been fun, definitely.


First up, we have Alakazam to start us off. I want to take advantage of its Special Attack stat and take it further with Calm Mind, and then just go from there, with Dazzling Gleam being a counter to the pesky Dark-types. It gets a Focus Sash because all a super-effective physical move needs to do is just hit once, and…yeah.

Ability: Magic Guard

Item: Focus Sash

Moves: Future Sight, Round, Calm Mind, Dazzling Gleam

Galarian Rapidash

I wanted to take advantage of Rapidash’s Attack stat, but there wasn’t much in the way of decent Fairy-type moves for that coverage and STAB. However, as I discovered in my original Sword playthrough, the Pixie Plate exists, therefore it’s going right on Rapidash. I also gave it High Horsepower because why not?

Ability: Pastel Veil

Item: Pixie Plate

Moves: Take Down, Psycho Cut, Play Rough, High Horsepower


The aim of Musharna is to disrupt with sleep. The Synchronize Ability is just in case the opponent wakes up and decides to poison or paralyse it. My main aim is for Yawn to activate, and then Future Sight for later. Once the opponent is asleep, Dream Eater! Yay!

Ability: Synchronize

Item: Sitrus Berry

Moves: Yawn, Dream Eater, Future Sight, Dazzling Gleam


I have Sunny Day and Morning Sun together in order to get some extra healing going on, while Psychic and Shadow Ball are there as STAB and coverage respectively. Especn also gets Leftovers to increase its staying power.

Ability: Magic Bounce

Item: Leftovers

Moves: Psychic, Morning Sun, Sunny Day, Shadow Ball


I decided to go for a varied moveset for Gallade, to pair up with its Justified Ability (to deal with the pesky Dark-types), and for the Rocky Helmet to do chip damage when hit by physical moves. Will-o-Wisp would also help to reduce the physical damage done to it.

Ability: Justified

Item: Rocky Helmet

Moves: Psycho Cut, Aerial Ace, Brick Break, Will-o-Wisp


Orbeetle will Gigantamax at the first opportunity, and I love this thing so much. I’m focusing on Special attacks because its physical strength is absolutely garbage. With that in mind, we’ll have a Psychic Terrain up, along with Calm Minding before an Expanding Force. Of course, that’s all after the Gigantamax.

Ability: Frisk


Moves: Bug Buzz, Psychic Terrain, Calm Mind, Expanding Force

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