Declutter and Living Space Revamp! Part 1

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Hey guys! I’m here with something that’s not too different to something that I worked on last year. I did a huge KonMari-inspired declutter in my bedroom, but that was before I moved home. This time, we have a lot to work with, plus the fact that we need to get the living arrangements well and truly organised!

The Goal

We’re getting new carpets fitted in the living room and in the hallway, so we need a lot of junk getting rid of in that respect. COVID has been a huge challenge, as we haven’t been able to declutter on a massive scale. However, I think we can manage it.

I also want to get Connor involved because he has a lot of stuff just lying around. I also wanted to take inspiration from Marie Kondo again, as I felt that a lot of the tips, especially while watching her Tidying Up series on Netflix, really helped me last time. We’ve lived here for nearly a year now, and we need to downsize the amount of things that we have for this to work! Everything kinda exploded in here…

Clothing is probably one of the easier categories for me to sort out, as I’ve already done this section twice, added onto the fact that I’ve bought very few clothes in the lockdown period, or even before. That and I tend to wear the same sort of outfits.


The aim of the Clothing section is to bring all of your clothes and put them in one central location. This is to experience the shock of seeing how much you actually own, and thne going through it all. Now I had two separate clothes declutters last year (one during the main KonMari, the other before moving), so I don’t have as many clothes as I used to. However, there are clothes that have fallen beyond repair since, as well as new clothes that I bought, so it’s nice to go through everything that I need to remove from my life. However, I do plan on buying more essentials, such as bras and socks, because I have a lot of odd socks. I’d also want to buy the odd occasional new outfit, especially those that I can repurpose as cosplays.

I put all of my clothing on the bed, and then organised them into piles – regular clothes, underwear, socks, bras and pyjamas. I do this, otherwise I feel so overwhelmed by the task at hand, so it’s easier for me to narrow it down into bitesize chunks! I will admit that it was nowhere near as bad as it has been before (the first time I did this, the clothes literally covered the bed). I got a little shock, but because I had a gameplan, I was ready to tackle it.

I had three piles – keep, clothing bank and give away. A lot of the clothes that I had kept before I thought I’d want to keep, or were in good condition at the time. However, over time, they started to decline in quality (my underwear collection was laughable), so I kept only the items that were good in quality, and noted to myself that I needed replacements – one pack ought to do it, as I wasn’t going to replace the 20+ pairs of underwear I had to do away with.

We came across a major problem with our closet – my side had been getting a bit of a damp problem, and it meant that some of my clothes needed to be fixed up. So they went in the washing machine, and some were just too damaged. For a temporary measure, I moved my clothes to the office closet, and I came up with a major solution that has been raved about for so long by minimalists. Back in Portugal, I lived with a capsule wardrobe. I often wear the same outfits, and I enjoyed not having loads of things to choose from. So I proposed to Connor the idea of a capsule wardrobe for myself (because I don’t need all of that space), and he went right along with it, so I found this one from Argos that I’m going to snap up when I’m able to! To go with this, I do need to buy a few more coat hangers that match the ones that I have (I’m a little short), and I also want to buy some open storage for things like pyjamas, underwear and socks, so I know where everything is, and I don’t have to reach around for things like I always used to.

But you must be wondering – “You have a closet for storing your clothes. Why buy a rail to make a capsule wardrobe?”. Well, that’s a question for another post coming Sunday!

My make-up is also no longer shoved in the closet in its ‘beauty box’. Now I have everything at my bedside table as a temporary (maybe permanent) measure. I don’t actually have a lot of make-up, and I actually only have one nail polish that I don’t actually like using, and prefer to just use the base coat.

In the end, I did end up buying more clothes to replace the staples that were a bit worse for wear! Some of the clothes that were hit by the weird damp smell were fine after a wash, and would easily stay a part of my collection.

Next week, we’ll collect the Books and Papers section together, as they are closely linked, and we found them to be a lot easier than the rest of the categories, because we usually keep things organised anyway.

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