Early-Route Bird Pokemon Ranked

As they say, the early bird gets the worm! And here they are – my picks of the early-route bird Pokemon! I’m going to be doing similar lists with rodents and bugs in mind later down the line, too!

9. Pidove


I literally have no feelings towards Pidove either way. It’s cute, but it’s just…there. Speaking of Unfezant, from what I’ve seen of pheasants they are super-dumb. They just kept running into a fence.

8. Hoothoot


Hoothoot is okay, but I don’t like how it loses the clock-like aesthetic into Noctowl.

7. Spearow


I always find Spearow to be the knock-off Pidgey (not even sorry about it). Same goes with Fearow, really. Even in the anime, Ash and Pikachu could have been attacked by wild Pidgey and it wouldn’t have made a difference.

6. Taillow


I quite like Taillow. Not as much as other birds, but it’s neat.

5. Pikipek


Pikipek is pretty cute, and I used one for quite a while in my Sun playthrough, eventually evolving it into Toucannon. I do find it odd that it looks very different to Toucannon in the end, but there must be a reason (I mean, there’s a fish that evolves into an octopus).

4. Pidgey


This is where the list really picks up. I enjoyed using Pidgeot in my first LeafGreen playthrough, as it was such a good Flying-type. Plus it gets a Mega Evolution with the No Guard Ability.

3. Fletchling


Fletchling started helping deviate the early-route birds upon evolving to Fletchinder, where it gets the Fire/Flying type. And obviously, I can’t bring up Fletchling without going into Talonflame’s Gale Wings Ability in Gen 6. It was broken in such a good way.

1=. Starly


Starly is a bit fat-looking, I have to admit (as a self-proclaimed fatty myself), but it’s really cute (unlike myself), and it evovles into an amazing Pokemon in Staraptor. Staraptor is a must-have for a Sinnoh playthrough, due to its early availability and its Intimidate Ability.

1=. Rookidee


Here we have the most recent of the early birds, Rookidee. And it gets an amazing glow-up when it becomes Corviknight, which I really enjoyed as soon as I saw it in the reveal. And it’s so good to use as well – the looks and hype weren’t for nought, after all! And it gets a pretty boss Gigantamax form too!

4 thoughts on “Early-Route Bird Pokemon Ranked

  1. Tim

    I believe you have the Pidgey/Spearow dynamic backwards. Fearow was borderline broken in the main story in Gen I. Granted, Doduo was objectively better than both, but still.


      1. Tim

        I’m pretty sure in my very first play through of Blue ever, I got carried by a team of Fearow, Blastoise, and Nidoqueen. I’m sure there was more, but that’s the core I remember.


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