Making Galar Gyms – Flying

Hey guys! Honestly, I think this was probably the hardest team to come up with, considering the lacklustre roster of Flying-type Pokemon (I mean, look at Unfezant). But I think I did good in the end.


Right, let’s go in with a Normal Gem Self-Destruct. And if that doesn’t KO the opponent, then the Aftermath Ability will do. Also Shadow Ball and Thunderbolt for attacking moves, alongside Will-o-Wisp for that burn.

Ability: Aftermath

Item: Normal Gem

Moves: Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Self-Destruct, Will-o-Wisp


Y’all remember Noivern as part of my sound team, and it’s the same premise here. It’s there to set up the Tailwind and U-turn after the Focus Sash is used up by what I would assume to be a deadly Ice-type attack.

Ability: Infiltrator

Item: Focus Sash

Moves: Hyper Voice, Outrage, Tailwind, U-turn


Cramorant is just a silly addition here, really. It just fits the Flying-type, and it’s one that I love the shiny form for. However, I’ll have it use Surf to activate the Gulp Missile at least, while giving Dual Wingbeat, Ice Beam for type coverage, and Belch after it’s used up its Sitrus Berry.

Ability: Gulp Missile

Item: Sitrus Berry

Moves: Surf, Belch, Dual Wingbeat, Ice Beam


Noctowl is here to stall, that’s for certain. It’s here to infuriate you in all the best ways possible. Reflect is there to boost its terrible physical Defense stat, and Hypnosis to make you fall asleep, of course! (I mean, come on, it’s a Noctowl). The Red Card is just an item to make you more infuriated once you do land an attack on Noctowl.

Ability: Keen Eye

Item: Red Card

Moves: Moonblast, Hypnosis, Reflect, Shadow Ball


Xatu has Shadow Ball specifically to counter other Ghost-type Pokemon, while Heat Wave is a simple Bug-type counter. It’s literally just there, really. I got the Eject Button for an extra bit of switch-around so that I can freely go into something else.

Ability: Magic Bounce

Item: Eject Button

Moves: Psychic, Air Slash, Heat Wave, Shadow Ball


Corviknight will Gigantamax at the first opportunity. It’s pretty badass, and I really enjoy Corviknight, especially with its Hone Claws/Power Trip combo that served me well before. Of course, it may not have to use that combination if it deals with its opponents quickly enough.

Ability: Mirror Armor

Item: Leftovers

Moves: Body Press, Hone Claws, Power Trip, Drill Peck

3 thoughts on “Making Galar Gyms – Flying

  1. Tim

    When you opened with Drifblim being an exploding Pokemon, I figured it was going to have 3 support moves with it. That said, I kind of like what you’ve done with it instead.


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