Making Mega Evolutions in Pokemon GO Better

Hey guys! As you might know, I like to theorycraft and come up with solutions to life’s problems. While I sadly can’t cure COVID-19 (that would be amazing if I could), I might as well start with the issue of Mega Evolutions in Pokemon GO.

The Problem

The biggest problem is the source for which you achieve Mega Evolution – the Mega Energy. Aside from the initial Special and Timed Research tasks, you would only be able to receive Mega Energy from Mega Raids. Considering the difficulty, not to mention the remaining issue with Remote Raid Passes being a premium (some of us prefer to stay inside right now), it’s not great.

Of course, each Pokemon requires its own Mega Energy to Mega Evolve. For example, the Mega Energy you get from a Mega Blastoise Raid can’t be used to Mega Evolve a Venusaur. The Mega Energy you obtain from the Special and Timed Research tasks can only be used on Beedrill.

The Solution – Mega Stones

Mega Stones are a key item in the Gen 6 and 7 games, where different ones can be found across the regions, or given to you depending on the stone. In the Let’s Go games, they are either gifted to you or can be bought at the Pokemon League.

I was kinda expecting Mega Stones to be available in Pokemon GO, especially considering you get your own Key Stone in the form of a bracelet in the customisation. But instead, we have Mega Energy. I’d rather revert to a gradual release of the Mega Stones in the same manner that Niantic are releasing Mega Evolution availability now. But how do we do this, you ask?

Special or Timed Research

I liked the idea of having Special Research tasks to obtain different releases, and having a Special Research linked to each release cycle would work really well. So for example,

The Mega Stones could also be linked to Community Days. It wouldn’t be a terrible idea for this to happen, with the Mega Stone Research be tied to the paid Research, but then all of the previous eligible Pokemon be brought back for December’s Community Day, opening up the Special Research as a free method. Let’s take this year so far as an example – the eligible Pokemon would be Abra, Gastly, Weedle, Magikarp and Charmander, and it would have been fun to see their Mega Stones tied to the paid events initially.

In the future, this would work really well for Mega Diancie, as the groundwork for this would already be in place.

GO Rocket Leaders and Giovanni

Considering that Team GO Rocket battles can be fought via hot air balloons now, I’m curious as to why there hasn’t been a return for Giovanni since the global GO Fest this year. It would provide an amazing opportunity to reintroduce Shadow Legendary Pokemon and give their Mega Stones as a reward. Similar to how the original Shadow Legendary Pokemon were introduced, they could be a monthly cycle with a Special Research task, along with the Mega Stone required. If they also implemented Primal Reversion for Kyogre and Groudon, those orbs could be given as rewards in the future.

What to do about Mega Raids?

What to do with Mega Raids…I suppose they’d be good for a quick stab at a good IV version of the Pokemon, as well as for shiny hunting. Of course, they could be available to battle while the distribution is live for that Pokemon – for example, Mega Mawile Raids released when Mega Mawile itself is out.

Limiting The Use

Of course, Mega Evolutions don’t last forever. I feel that the best way to work around this is when you’re in a lobby about to battle, and you’d be able to select the Pokemon that you want to Mega Evolve in the battle. So for example, in a Raid Battle, I could have a full team of six Tyranitar, and I would select the Tyranitar with Smack Down and Stone Edge as moves, and it would become the Mega Tyranitar. The Mega Evolution would wear off after the battle.

So what do you think of my first analytical piece for Pokemon GO in a while? Let me know what else you would suggest to improve Mega Evolutions as a whole?

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