Making Galar Gyms – Poison

Hey guys! It’s time for another Galar Gyms post (finally!). This time, it’s the Poison team. I’m already working on a Poison team for battling, but this one will be different.

Galarian Slowbro

Galarian Slowbro’s Quick Draw Ability will make sure that it’s able to go first more often than not, making sure it can hit those attacks quicker (providing it triggers, of course). I needed two STAB moves, with one being its signature move, Shell Side Arm. Disable and Slack Off will help keep those pesty super-effective or disruptive moves at bay, while also maintaining its longevity on the battlefield, as does the Sitrus Berry that it holds.

Ability: Quick Draw

Item: Sitrus Berry

Moves: Shell Side Arm, Disable, Slack Off, Psychic


You know what, I don’t actually have a Defense Curl/Rollout set-up on any other team, so Scolipede is gonna get that to counteract any possible Flying-types that may come into play (especially Corviknight). Cross Poison and X-Scissor are simply STAB moves that’ll allow Scolipede to deal some extra damage. And because of its already high-speed, we have the King’s Rock to help make the opponent flinch.

Ability: Poison Point

Item: King’s Rock

Moves: Cross Poison, X-Scissor, Defense Curl, Rollout


I love that Vileplume gets Moonblast as one of its moves, and the other moves are there just to hit the opponent. Giga Drain will be handy when Vileplume needs to recover extra health, as does its Aguav Berry (because we’re going with Bold nature here).

Ability: Effect Spore

Item: Aguav Berry

Moves: Giga Drain, Moonblast, Petal Dance, Pollen Puff


Of course, Toxtricity has to be on this team. Despite its crippling 4x weakness to Ground, it’s a mainstay in my teams right now. To counter that, I need the Focus Sash to come into play, to ensure I at least get the drop on a Ground-type Pokemon and use Boomburst in its first turn.

Ability: Punk Rock

Item: Focus Sash

Moves: Overdrive, Sludge Wave, Boomburst, Toxic


Toxapex is my favourite wall, with little else being able to disrupt it. I’m going in with my personal moveset that it has on my team currently. It’s not the fastest, but I love the moveset of Toxapex, with Baneful Bunker/Recover stalling usually working in my favour, with Toxic being used to end bulkier opponents. Liquidation is there to ensure that Toxapex can do at least a little bit of damage.

Ability: Limber

Item: Leftovers

Moves: Baneful Bunker, Recover, Liquidation, Toxic


Venusaur will Gigantamax at the first opportunity. I don’t normally take to having starters on Gym teams, but I had little choice (it was either this or Garbodor, plus I wanted to give Venusaur a look in). Of course, I chose these moves that would give it type coverage, that will come in handy when turned into Max Moves, as well as G-Max Vine Lash in place of Energy Ball.

And I realised that the Choice items don’t seem to affect Pokemon when Maxed, so here you go, a Choice Scarf to make it that bit faster.

Ability: Chlorophyll

Item: Choice Scarf

Moves: Sludge Bomb, Energy Ball, Outrage, Round

4 thoughts on “Making Galar Gyms – Poison

      1. Tim

        That makes sense then. Really the only gym battles that switch are Jugglers. Which do show up in Poison gyms, but are more of a Psychic thing.


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