The Long-Term Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown – My Perspective

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Hey guys! I just wanted to write a post about my long-term feelings about lockdown, especially since I wrote a post early on in this fiasco about how I was coping, and I just wanted to give you guys an update on that! Normally there would be an Animal Crossing post today, but there’s no motivation for that, plus a new series will be coming in November!

Y’know, it’s odd looking back on this year. Aside from plugging 675+ hours into Animal Crossing: New Horizons and doing so much for this blog, there’s not been a whole lot to note. There have been no jobs going – most of the jobs that have been either ones that I’m not physically capable of doing, or I’m not qualified to do them. Me and my partner got through the furlough system and now he’s back at work – we still have our home, at least, and coming up to our tenancy upgrade next month (it means our home is more permanent than what it is now, basically).

I still don’t really go out that much. I’ve become a lot more comfortable with staying indoors for days at a time, but a week is my limit. I do make sure I go out for walks at least twice a week. Although now I’ve started to develop cartilage problems in my knee, which had a runner’s knee problem a few years back. Arthritis runs in the family, especially in the knees, so it’s definitely a problem. Adding to that my grey hairs sprouting up, sciatic problem and migraines, and you have a 28-year-old feeling a lot older than she should.

I haven’t been able to see a lot of people throughout. I had to make a couple of special trips to my parent’s over the summer though, as our cat Baldrick wasn’t doing too well, and I wanted to see him and give him a lot of attention, as I hadn’t seen him since before lockdown. He sadly passed away less than a week later, which hit me really hard. They’ve since adopted a kitten, because the house was too quiet without a cat (and Flash is so cute!).

At least I kept myself busy with the blog. I must take this moment to thank you all for reading and following! Of course, I don’t make money from this blog – it’s exclusively a hobby. But the blog has had a steady incline in reception, and I’m happy with it. It’s because of you guys that I have the motivation to keep writing!

I did have a break throughout August – I tried for a whole month off, but I felt too restless and bored to keep up the break, and I slowly got back on the horse mid-August. I do have a lot of stuff planned over the next few months too! I have lifestyle and home stuff planned, as well as more TV show reviews, reworking some old posts and doing a plethora of short stories. I have a brand new Animal Crossing series coming in October, in its usual Saturday slot!

Basically, I’ve had a lot of inspiration and ideas, and I kinda wish I had the mindset to actually get it all done. However, I can get very tired easily, and sometimes I just kinda deflate.

My mental health, I will admit, hasn’t been great. I’ve had the help of my counsellor and my boyfriend, but I’ve definitely been counting my lucky stars that it hasn’t been worse. I feel that self-isolating for so long hasn’t helped, along with the ongoing mental health issues anyway. I’m just happy that I have a lot of motivation to get things done initially, but then I had the major feeling of boredom a lot of the days.

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