Top 10 Mythical Pokemon

It’s finally time to give you the best of the Pokemon that are rarely seen, and some of these are probably going to be different to the other lists that you’ve seen before. So here are my favourite Mythical Pokemon!

10. Meloetta


Let’s face it – if Meloetta was available in Sword/Shield, it’d be in a pretty awesome band with Obstagoon, both forms of Toxtricity and Rillaboom. But seriously, I do prefer the Aria Forme over the Pirouette Forme, just mainly for aesthetics. I suppose that’s down to in which way you want to build your Meloetta set. If all else fails, Perish Song.

9. Victini


Victini is a great Pokemon with even stats across the board (as later realised this seems to be a common theme among some Mythicals). Its level-up movepool is super-strong, with moves such as Flare Blitz and Overheat, and a wide variety of TM moves to boot. Plus it’s really cute, and it’s supposed to bring victory to the trainer that has one. Now I kinda want my own Victini…

8. Arceus


If an actual god isn’t on this list, then this list would be a pretty poor representation of this Pokemon. I mean, it’s been replicated in the form of Silvally, so Arceus is sought-after. Its flexibility in its equal stats, as well as its type changes by using the Plates or Z-Crystals ensures that it can be suited to any form of battle.

7. Meltan/Melmetal



Meltan and Melmetal were a fun gimmick introduced in Pokemon GO, where one would pop up and turn into a Ditto afterwards. It was very strange, and it led to a story about Meltan, and how it could evolve into Melmetal. I like this because of the story-drive aspect of a Mythical Pokemon that we’ve been missing out on for so long.

6. Keldeo


Keldeo’s pretty cute, that’s for certain. I feel it’s often overlooked because people look to Genesect and sometimes Victini for their Unovan Mythical. But Keldeo, honestly, oozed My Little Pony before Galarian Ponyta made it popular, so…is Keldeo a hipster? Nah! Surely not!

5. Deoxys


I love the story of Deoxys in the Delta Episode of ORAS, and I love its design that’s made to be otherworldly. My favourite of the Formes has to be the Speed Forme, as it is fast enough to not worry about its lacklustre HP stat and just focus on attacking as well.

4. Mew


Mew is the original Mythical, and it really adorable. Not to mention it has such a varied move pool. I really like the theory surrounding it and Ditto, claiming that Ditto is a failed clone of Mew. And because it’s got equal stats across the board, it’s very flexible so you can build your Mew exactly how you want to.

3. Marshadow


Marshadow is adorable, and I love how when Mewtwo Max Raids came out, my Marshadow was able to take two attacks from it before fainting, while the others were all one-hit KO’d. I’d underestimated just how good Marshadow is, and it’s become one of the solid favourites for me, but just ousted by two incredible Mythicals.

2. Darkrai


Darkrai is a nightmare of a Pokemon (literally), as its purpose is to cause its target to have nightmares. It looks amazing, and you could easily double up on a sleeping Pokemon by using Dream Eater, followed by the activation of its Bad Dreams Ability, ensuring that you inflict even more damage onto the opponent.

1. Jirachi


Jirachi holds a special place on this list – the top spot. Like a star on top of a Christmas tree, if you will. It’s so adorable, and if you don’t agree, then what…are you looking at?

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