The Worst Travel Experiences

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Hey guys! I wanted to give you a bit of a storytime, just to give you a bit of a laugh! Not every one of my travel experiences has been wholly positive, so it’s just a dose of reality of what can go wrong in your travels!

All Wrong in the ‘Wood

The first one was back in 2008, so I don’t quite know just what differences are there now. A then-friend’s mum had got in to audition for Deal or No Deal (this old British show where you opened boxes for prizes, to put it in short). The auditions were in this area in London called Cricklewood, and while I didn’t have to go, it was a means of having someone to keep my friend company while her mum was in the audition process.

I’ll set the scene of Cricklewood – the area that we were in consisted mostly of Halal eateries, among other eateries. I mean, that’s not a bad thing, at least we had a good lunch choice. But there was one huge issue – the lack of public toilets.

Normally you’d be able to go to a public toilet, pay 20p and nip to the loos. But in Cricklewood, there were none. I mean, fair, even in Scunthorpe we only have one set of them in the entire town, and I was always expecting to have to buy something from one of the eateries, so we went to a McDonalds for a McFlurry.

The worst thing about this experience was that the toilet door was actually locked, so you had to order, eat and then ask a staff member to unlock the door for you! And it wasn’t the only time we needed the loo . My friend ended up going down a secluded area just to go to the toilet in the end.

Doris is the Devil

This took place during mine and Connor’s trip to Dublin, Ireland back in 2017. Long story short, in the middle of February, you expect bad weather. We’d wanted to take a trip to Bull Island which would have been doable for us – it’s just under two hour’s walk, so that would have been perfect. But we had Storm Doris approaching.

I remember flights were being delayed for this day, and we wanted to wake up early to make an early morning trip to Bull Island. But we heard the horrible wind and rain, and we just went back to sleep.

It was a shame, because a lot of the outdoors stuff we wanted to do we simply couldn’t because of the storm. Phoenix Park was also a no-go for us at that point, and even if we’d booked the Skyline Tour at Croke Park, that would have been a no-go too.

Basically, the weather didn’t allow us to fully explore Dublin, but if we could do it in better weather, you bet your ass we’d do it!

Ich brauchte bessere Freunde

Where do I even begin with the trip to Berlin? This was my first trip abroad, with the college I was attending at the time. If it was just my class going, it wouldn’t have been as bad, but the issues came when they opened the invitation to the class below, of which I personally knew someone from there.

The day before, I snuck a peek at the rooming situation, and I would have been in the same hotel room as people that I generally got along with pretty well. But instead, I was swapped around so that I was in the same room as one person I generally got along with, someone else that I didn’t even know, and that bitch that bullied me back in school. I recall it well – her name was Megan and she was just a complete bitch.

Rumours from two years were brought up, and she tried (and succeeded) in ensuring that I’d have no friends by the end of the year.

Thanks Megan.

I’m not made of money…

It’s nothing major, but I’m always approached by beggars when I’m travelling. It’s scarier when you’re not great with the language and they’re shouting at you and shaking their cup (yeah that happened one time, I ran for the hills).

I think the worst, though, are the salespeople that won’t leave you alone. I’m there to have a good time, not to pay £5 for some mobile app that I’m never going to use.

Have you ever had any truly horrible travel experiences that just marr your enjoyment? Let me know in the comments!

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