What Is My Favourite Animal Crossing Personality?

Hey guys! After going over what my favourite Animal Crossing species was, I decided to do it all over again, but this time with the eight personality types.

As before, I calculated the percentage of each villager – so for example, liking twenty of the fifty villagers of that personality would give me a result of 60%. It does make the results a bit strange, but I have a feeling that the species that I enjoy the most will be in the top half of the list.

As with the previous posts, I’m only judging based on the villagers available in New Horizons, so no removed villagers such as Wolf Link or Dozer, or any villagers that have since been rebranded (such as the old SallyBliss or Hazel, who are now either remade as different villagers or personality types).

8) Jock – 31.48%

I was surprised by this list, considering I quite like the jock personality. However, I just looked back at my categorised list (hooray spreadsheets) and it definitely shows…aside from sisterly and smug, they are the least liked – however, the smaller numbers of sisterly and smug even themselves out somewhat.

With that said, the obvious highlights of the jock personality are Dom, Roald and Pierce, with quite a few dishonourable mentions. While this personality may be in last place, the ones that are great are really great!

7) Sisterly – 37.5%

Sisterly villagers initially came off as really rude when I first played the game, but I think with every new sisterly I’ve had, I’ve really enjoyed. I think Mira and Katt would be amazing options, and I currently have Phoebe on my island. However, even with the small amount of sisterly villagers, there are a few that aren’t so great. Some look weird, others don’t feel right, even if they are popular.

6) Cranky – 40%

I think it’s unfortunate that a lot of the cranky villagers tend to look a bit strange. Take Limberg or (heaven forbid) Harry. But I want to give kudos to Chief, Octavian and Static, who are some of the more favourable cranky villagers that are just purely lovely. But I’m not surprised that cranky villagers are as low as they are, because of the choice of villagers.

5) Smug – 47.06%

You know that the top two villagers are both smug (we don’t talk about the Merry fiasco) – Marshal and Raymond. They are pretty great, but then so is Lopez and O’Hare. But…can we forget about Rodney please? It’s the likes of him and Olaf that bring the smugs down a bit.

Addressing the sheep in the room, I’m very neutral about Pietro. I love the design concept, but I’m not a fan of clowns or mimes. I can appreciate the love that Pietro gets though. Just thought I’d point that out.

4) Snooty – 51.11*%

The snooty villagers are quite nice in general, so a lot of the disliked ones are down to appearances alone, the biggest culprits being Velma and Cashmere. However, Willow is my ultimate lovely, as is Ankha and Diana, while Blaire is underrated, in my opinion.

3) Lazy – 51.66*%

Lazy villagers tend to be really cute, and I like a lot of the simple designs, such as that of Broccolo and Ozzie, and I have to mention the special boy Stitches. However, there are some that are a bit strange, such as Chester and Paolo.

Usually I gravitate towards the lazy villagers due to their laid-back attitude and the cuteness of some of them while they’ve been on my island. Ozzie, Stitches and Jeremiah can attest to that.

2) Peppy – 58.97%

Normally I see a villager on my Mystery Tours that I think ‘oh wow’ and they turn out to be peppy, and I’m disappointed because they can never hold a candle to my original, Twiggy. However, Audie and Flora are other peppy villagers that I adore, too. But I don’t have a lot of problems with the other peppy villagers, a lot of them are more neutral, such as with Peanut and Tutu. But I’m not keen on Freckles, okay?

1) Normal – 72.88%

Yeah there was no way that any other personality type would beat out normal villagers. I usually end up with three normal villagers on my island, and my favourite villager is normal – Sydney. However, I can say that both Skye and Lolly are ultimately amazing (Skye is one that Connor really likes). Most of the others on the dislike side are neutral, such as Megan and Annalisa. I just pretend Jambette doesn’t exist, honestly.

I wanna know what you make of this series of ranked lists! Are you just as surprised (or unsurprised in some cases) as I am? Let me know in the comments!

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