Top 10 Pre-Evolved Pokemon

Sometimes a Pokemon is fine just the way it is, and evolution ruins it. Sometimes an unevolved Pokemon has great potential. I’ll stop trying out cheesy dialogue and I’ll get right into the list of my ten favourite pre-evolved Pokemon.

10. Wooloo


Wooloo is just plain adorable, and one of the key hooks for the introduction to the Galar region, in both the story and the announcement. It looks really fluffy like you could be so comfortable fall asleep using one as a pillow. Dubwool is…meh, by comparison.

9. Charjabug


Charjabug will always hold a place in my heart. I like Vikavolt, but I spent so much time with a Charjabug in Ultra Sun, not realising that I could evolve it at Mount Blush. I didn’t like Vikavolt as much as Charjabug, because it lost its unique and wholesome charm.

8. Eevee


Eevee is great on its own, and I can say that the Eeveelutions improve on it. But the fact remains that so many Pokemon that I really like or love come from this one unique Pokemon. And yes, I played Let’s Go Eevee, and named him Lil Poundcake. My first Build a Bear was Eevee.

Not gonna lie, kinda sick of shiny Eevee in Pokemon Go though.

7. Ponyta


I’ve included both forms of Ponyta here because they are both utterly adorable. I love Rapidash, but there’s just something about Ponyta that I prefer. I think it’s the cuteness of the Kantonian form, as well as the cloud-like fluffiness of the Galarian form.

6. Rhydon


Rhydon was perfect and wonderful, and shouldn’t be on this list. Why? Because if Rhyperior didn’t exist, Rhydon wouldn’t be on this list. It’s as simple as that. Rhydon has it all – its design is simple and that works for it. While it’s a bit slow, it’s such a bruiser on the battlefield. It’s the first Pokemon ever created.

Rhydon is the best case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

5. Joltik


It’s so fucking tiny.

4. Hattrem


I don’t dislike Hatterene, I just think Hattrem is adorable, and for me should have been a first-stage for the line. Hattena could have been more adolescent-looking in its place. Going back to Hattrem though, I just love its oversized hat along with its tiny body just holding the thing up with its noodle arms.

What’s not to love?

3. Kubfu


Kubfu has such a huge personality in its debut in the Isle of Armor DLC, and while I wasn’t really bothered about using a Legendary in a playthrough, in order to increase my friendship with it, I decided to use it and have it follow me. That was the best thing that I could have done, because with the cutscenes and battling with it, it has lots of personality that it sadly loses on its evolution to Urshifu.

2. Dragonair


There’s nothing wrong with Dragonite, it’s just that Dragonair is bloody majestic. I look at Dragonair and think ‘wow’. Dragonair has the added bonus of being one of my favourite shiny forms of all-time.

*still should have been part Water-type though*

1. Stufful


It’s Stufful. You know the drill by now, right?

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