Month: September 2020

Building a Capsule Wardrobe – An Accidental Journey

Hey guys! I did want to include more lifestyle-based posts based on my lifestyle, so there’s no bandwagoning going on here! So here is my journey that I took to create the capsule wardrobe that I have today. The Beginning My minimalism journey for clothes began when I got the call that I was moving

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Declutter and Living Space Revamp! Part 1

Hey guys! I’m here with something that’s not too different to something that I worked on last year. I did a huge KonMari-inspired declutter in my bedroom, but that was before I moved home. This time, we have a lot to work with, plus the fact that we need to get the living arrangements well

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My Deserted Island Albums

Hey guys! I kinda wanted to do something different. Of course, with digital media, we’re able to carry around multiple albums digitally. But we always had the age-old question of ‘What albums would you take on a deserted island?’. Obviously, assuming we had an old-fashioned Walkman and physical CDs, here are my five picks! I

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