What Is My Favourite Animal Crossing Species – Part 2

Hey guys! I decided to undertake this huge project (that is going to tire me out, I’m sure), and I wanted to see what villager species was going to be my favourite. Of course, I knew what the top two were going to be, but after that was anyone’s guess.

As before, I calculated the percentage of each villager – so for example, liking two of the five villagers of that species would give me a result of 60%. It does make the results a bit strange, but I have a feeling that the species that I enjoy the most will be in the top half of the list.

Today, I’m going through the top half of the list! I’m only judging based on the villagers available in New Horizons, so no removed villagers such as Wolf Link or Dozer, or any villagers that have since been rebranded (such as the old SallyBliss or Hazel, who are now either remade as different villagers or personality types).

=16) Rhino – 50%

Rhinos are another small category, with only three that I really like here – Hornsby, Tank and Merengue. The others I just don’t gravitate towards, especially Renee and Rhonda.

=16) Goat – 50%

The goats are neither here nor there for me, but there’s an even split at least. While Kidd and Sherb are lovely goats, we also have Velma, who…no thanks.

=16) Hamster – 50%

Again, hamsters are a mixed bag. I do like Hamlet and Soleil, but Jesus, can we not have Rodney or Graham please? And if I’m honest, I’m not a huge fan of Clay, but I can appreciate why people like him.

=13) Bird – 53.85%

While I’m not the first to say that there are some great birds, there are also some…not so great. Jitters, Peck and Jacob I’m not too fond off, especially Jitters. However, some of the great birds include Anchovy, Piper and my best girl Twiggy!

=13) Penguin – 53.85%

Penguins are great – you only have to look at the likes of Roald, Aurora and even Boomer as evidence of such. But then you have Puck, which would look much cuter without the hockey gear.

=13) Sheep – 53.85%

Sheep…well, they’re cute or not depending on the sheep. My personal (and quite frankly obvious) hits include Eunice, Willow and Vesta, whereas my big misses include Wendy and Cashmere. As for Pietro, because I know you’re wondering – I’m on neutral grounds with him. I appreciate his design, but he’s not for me.

12) Cat – 54.54*%

Cats are where it’s at – mostly, of course. Tabby still gives me nightmares, and I don’t usually like the superhero villagers, so Kid Cat is out of the question. However, Lolly, Ankha, Rudy and Tangy make up just four of the lovely cats.

11) Eagle – 55.55*%

One of my first villagers was an eagle, Pierce, and him along with Avery and Apollo I really like. I’m not a fan of the armoured villagers, so Sterling is out, along with Amelia.

=9) Horse – 60%

We’re getting into the top 10 now, and I didn’t think horses would be here, if I’m honest. But we do have Reneigh, Julian and Elmer as stand-outs for me, whereas misses include Ed, Victoria and Buck.

=9) Rabbit – 60%

Rabbits are pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. I really like Mira, despite her being a superhero villager (but it fits), Bunnie and Coco, but I’m just not huge on Tiffany and Pippy.

8) Dog – 62.5%

So according to this list, dogs are better than cats. No matter, Biskit is just too adorable to pass up, as is Shep and Butch. I’ll give Marcel and Mac a pass though.

7) Koala – 66.66*%

I love me some koala action, especially Ozzie, Sydney and Melba. I’m just not entirely sold on Alice or Eugene. But koalas are regularly pretty cool, and usually share the Aussie vibe with their names. Both myself and Connor’s favourite Animal Crossing villagers are koalas (Ozzie for him, Sydney for myself).

6) Cub – 68.75%

Who doesn’t like a cute little bear cub? My personal picks for cuteness are June, Pekoe and Stitches. I don’t know why June or Pekoe aren’t more popular, and it’s a shame. But I’m not keen on Barold or Chester.

5) Ostrich – 70%

Ostriches are pretty cool, and there are only three that I dislike – Phil, Queenie and Sprocket. I’m not sold on the robotic-like villagers, so I had to give Sprocket a miss. But instead, I could have Cranston, Phoebe or Flora and I’d be happy.

4) Squirrel – 72.22*%

Squirrels are really adorable, and I expected them to be high on this list. Of course, we get Hazel, Sheldon and Agent S out of the way because meh, but then we have Poppy, Marshal (who is consistently the most popular villager) and Mint to enjoy!

3) Deer – 80%

Deers are great, and you have to look no further then Fauna, Erik or Lopez to see why. You rarely go wrong with deer, and even with my least favourites – Bam and Deidre, just tiny improvements to them could make them tied-first place in the end.

=1) Octopus – 100%

Of course, as there are only three octopus villagers, and they are all great in their own ways, they had to be (joint) top of the list. Marina looks like a cute, soft and innocent creature, while Octavian has a great personality of his own. Zucker is, of course, based on cute takoyaki.

=1) Wolf – 100%

You can never go wrong with a wolf villager, full stop. All of them are charming in their own way, although I wish there was more variety in personality types. I’ve had both Chief and Audie on my island before, and I would happily have a full wolf island if all of the personalities were represented. Plus, Skye is really adorable!

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