Top 10 Fairy-Type Shinies

It’s no surprise to me that Fairy-types have the best shinies in the game (in my opinion). The Fairy-type was created in the same generation that the shinies weren’t pallet-changed like they were previously, and this resulted in an onslaught of amazing shinies.



Sylveon’s pink and blue colours literally swapped around, and that’s literally it. But it works really well, and it makes it look like an entirely new Pokemon that I just have to go ‘yes’ to it.



I absolutely love Primarina as standard, so when it was able to be brought over to Sword/Shield, I jumped on that and started shiny hunting Popplio. I think it’s the blonde hair in place of blue that ties it all together really well, also noting the faint pink accents.



I think Ribombee is utterly adorable anyway and considering that it’s now pink with a red scarf – so cute! It’s still terrifying though if you’ve ever played USUM and gone up against a Totem variant.



The change to teal and white for Xerneas really work, and help brings out the colours of the Active Mode all the more. I also can make out the tiny coloured accents along its back, which I’ve never noticed until now.



I love all of the blues on Zacian, and it looks even more regal than before. Still overpowered as hell, mind, and I’m still traumatised by the Nuzlocke I did a while back…it’s still such a great shiny though, it’s a shame Legendaries tend to be shiny-locked outside of giveaway events.

Gardevoir / Mega Gardevoir

282 282-1

Gardevoir looks stunning, replacing the green with blue and it’s a match made in heaven. Honourable mention to its Mega Evolution, that replaces its white dress with what appears to be proper funeral attire. Like it’s gonna saunter around, devastating everything in its wake.



I love the heavy saturation on shiny Mimikyu, making it look really faded and ghostly. I always half-expected it to look more like shiny Pikachu, but I think I prefer this design instead.



Simply put, the colours of the body and feet are inversed, and the purple is made darker. But it looks so good, and I don’t think I’ve given enough love to the proper purple shinies (if there are many, I can’t remember).



Whimsicott…I love how the shiny form turns it brown, but it still looks amazing at the same time. I think that’s just the overall charm of Whimsicott, rather than just the colour choices. After all, you can pull anything off if you’re cute enough.

Not you, Dragonite.



I love shiny Alcremie! For me, my headcanon is that it’s based on activated charcoal desserts – they are disgusting, never eat them. But for Alcremie, it works wonders. It also doesn’t matter when or how you spin around for the evolution, because you’ll always get the same result. Just pick the sweet that you think suits it the most and take it out for a spin, literally!

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Fairy-Type Shinies

  1. Tim

    Hooray another fan of shiny Mimikyu!

    I was convinced that Fairy would be the type that had the most shinies I like when I made my list — primarily for the reason you stated in your post. And it is up there for sure. But Ghost type has a surprisingly high number of really good shinies. It shocked me.


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