Top 10 Fairy-Types

This is it! This is the last of the type-related Top 10 posts (aside from this Thursday’s shiny post). The Fairy-type was introduced back in Gen 6 to help rebalance the game, and that it did! So for now, here is my list of top 10 Fairy-types!

10. Galarian Weezing


I like Weezing anyway, but I love the top hats and moustaches on Galarian Weezing, and it’s a great asset to my Poison-type team (although its shiny form is horrendous). I love the change in Weezing, and it’s great for the Fairy-type to be able to take neutral damage against one of its usual weaknesses at long last.

9. Ribombee


Totem Ribombee was terrifying but it was also amazing at the same time. It’s quick to evolve, and is absolutely adorable. Ribombee also helped the Bug-type get some more love over the past few years, and its level-up moveset gives it so much potential for Special moves, which are its forte.

8. Mimikyu


There’s not much more I can say about Mimikyu that hasn’t already been said – from its lore to its own song. It’s just great, shame that its Disguise Ability got nerfed in Gen 8 though.

7. Azumarill


I love Azumarill, and it’s a shame that I never got a shiny Marill during the Marill Battle Day on Pokemon GO, because shiny Azumarill is just beaut. Having Huge Power on Azumarill helps its normally abysmal Attack stat, and allows it to make effective use of the physical moves at its disposal. Plus it’s adorable!

6. Hatterene


As slow as Hatterene is, it’s still really good. I used one briefly in my Shield Nuzlocke as a sacrificial pawn, admittedly, while everything got creamed by Zacian. It’s another Psychic/Fairy, but I can’t complain – I have fun using its Gigantamax form against Fighting-types, ensuring effective use of that 4x resistance.

5. Galarian Rapidash


Rapidash got a makeover, it became a full-on unicorn and I’m loving it. I used one in my original Sword playthrough, and I was obsessed. While I, like many others, would have preferred it to be Fairy/Flying like a pegasus, I can’t complain about its design and battling capabilities.

4. Togekiss


Togekiss is one of the mainstays in my infrequent PvP playtime in Pokemon GO, and it’s a great Pokemon competitively in the main series too. I love its design, where before I wasn’t a huge fan. While it isn’t much to sniff at in terms of level-up movesets, its pride and joy are in its TM/TR moves.

3. Sylveon


If Eeveelutions were no longer being created, then Sylveon was an amazing send-off. It’s all but the face of the Fairy-type, and it helps that it’s adorable to boot. I’ve not actually used one, although I heavily considered it for my more recent proper Shield playthrough.

2. Gardevoir


Whenever I play a Hoenn-based game, you can guarantee that I’ll have a Gardevoir on my team (except for randomisers of course). Gardevoir oozes power, and that Special Attack stat, especially in Mega form, does not lie.

1. Primarina


Primarina was actually my first foray into the Fairy-type, and I’m happy for it. It proved that picking Popplio was indeed beneficial in the long-run, and you shouldn’t judge based on the appearance of a Pokemon because it’s a simple sea lion.

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