What Is My Favourite Animal Crossing Species? – Part 1

Hey guys! I decided to undertake this huge project (that is going to tire me out, I’m sure), and I wanted to see what villager species was going to be my favourite. Of course, I knew what the top two were going to be, but after that was anyone’s guess.

I calculated the percentage of each villager – so for example, liking two of the five villagers of that species would give me a result of 60%. It does make the results a bit strange, but I have a feeling that the species that I enjoy the most will be in the top half of the list.

Today, I’m going through the bottom half of the list! I’m only judging based on the villagers available in New Horizons, so no removed villagers such as Wolf Link or Dozer, or any villagers that have since been rebranded (such as the old Sally, Bliss or Hazel, who are now either remade as different villagers or personality types).

=33) Tiger – 0%

The first three villager species are all tied bottom, with none of the tiger villagers being well-liked for me, but I’ll start with tigers – they just don’t appear to me at all. I feel that the ones that are close are probably Bangle and Bianca, but even then they’re not that well-considered.

=33) Hippo – 0%

This is the species that Harry is, and I hate that. None of the other hippos are great either, so sadly this lot would get the chop. I do like hippos in real life (as I do tigers), but they translate poorly into the Animal Crossing games in terms of designs.

=33) Cow – 0%

Again, cows are rock bottom. It doesn’t help that there are only four cow villagers, and the only one that I can appreciate is Tipper, just for her name relating to cow tipping.

32) Gorilla – 10%

See, 10% seems like a pretty high jump, but it just means that I only like one of the ten available gorilla villagers – Hans. Hans is pretty cool, he’s based on a yeti, and the others just look strange, if not downright creepy and/or awful. Boone almost made it onto my liked villagers, but I just wasn’t feeling it at the time.

31) Monkey – 12.5%

Again, as with gorillas, I only like one of the monkey villagers – Deli. Deli has a pretty simple design which makes him pretty cute. It’s that lack of cuteness which puts me off the rest of the monkey villagers. I mean, Shari is close but no cigar.

30) Bear – 25%

I think a lot of the big bear villagers are a bit strange, even without the obvious Beardo and Ike. I do quite like Charlise, who seems to be disliked by a good portion of the community (from what I’ve seen), as well as Grizzly and Curt.

29) Elephant – 27.27*%

The elephants are generally hard to like. Of course, Tia has to be one of the more likeable ones due to her unique appearance, but then there’s Dizzy, who is just a simple design that’s pretty cute. Opal just edges out onto the liked list, but only just, I suppose. The others I just don’t like enough, especially Margie, who always leaves me feeling disappointed that she isn’t Tia.

=27) Anteater – 28.57%

There are two anteaters that I like – Anabelle and Antonio. Anabelle actually looks more like a pangolin than Pango does, despite the name referring to pangolins. Antonio, on the other hand, just looks simple and cute.

=27) Lion – 28.57%

There are only two lions here that I just like – Lionel and Rex. Rex is a pretty simple design, whereas Lionel has a similar concept to some of the other lions, just done right. I’m just not sold on the others.

=24) Bull – 33.33*%

Bulls aren’t great, and there are only two that I like – Angus and Stu. Angus is a huge gimmick for me, with his flame tee and his name combined reminds me of Burger King, while Stu is another ismple concept.

=24) Frog – 33.33*%

Despite being a huge lover of frogs in real life, they aren’t so hot in this game. Jambette is the worst of them, and the others can be hit-or-miss. Luckily, we have the likes of Camofrog, Jeremiah, Lily and even Raddle to help the frogs out some.

=24) Pig – 33.33*%

Pigs are interesting. I like the pigs such as Kevin (nice reference there), Maggie and Hugh, but why is Spork also called Crackle? I don’t get it. But Chops and Curly? Nah, I’m good.

23) Kangaroo – 37.5%

Kangaroos aren’t too great, mostly because the majority of them are females that have their joeys in their pouches, blinking in unison. Carrie and Kitt are cool and simple, but Astrid just doesn’t sit right with me.

22) Duck – 41.18%

I was surprised with how low the ducks were, but then I looked at the amount that I do like, and then it kinda hit me. My girls Ketchup and Molly are lovely, but then you have Freckles, who would have been considered had it not been for her wide-set eyes.

21) Alligator – 42.86%

Like with the rhinos, they’re so high on this list because of the small amount to choose from. I got really sick of Boots on my island, and I’m not a huge fan of Del. However, Drago, Sly and Gayle hit just right for me. Seriously, Gayle is surprisingly cute.

20) Chicken – 44.44*%

Here is the last species on this week’s list, the chickens! I mean, Becky is very elegant, and Ken looks really badass. But just leave Broffina where she is and I’m happy.

19) Mouse – 46.66*%

I was never really a huge fan of the mouse villagers, but looking at the likes of Broccolo and Samson have changed my mind. Bree is another great mouse, but I want to avoid Limberg and Candi with all of my might.

Next week will be the remaining list of villagers, going from number 18 up to (joint) first position!

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