Naruto Shippuden Reviews – Part 9

I had to use a combination of the Naruto Fandom wiki and the Filler List site, because there were a good amount of filler episodes dotted throughout the canon. By cross-referencing them, I was able to give myself a good running order of episodes to watch from here on out.

We’ve gone into the Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation arc this time around, the second of five arcs involving this war. Including fillers, we go from episode 261 – 321. But as I mentioned, look to the Filler List for which ones are good to watch.

First of all, I gotta hand it to the people who arranged for the opening themes – Totsugeki Rock is probably the best fitting for getting a war started and everyone pumped. I heard not a lot of people really like it, but I remember I couldn’t stop listening to it (and Cascade, which has a visually awesome ending here) for the longest time.

Moshimo is a bit meh, and definitely one that is there for the sheer purpose of the filler episodes.

I always maintain the opinion that even though we get to see returning characters in the form of Edo Tensei, the first part of the war is usually really boring. You either find enemies such as Hanzo or Sasori being redeemed in some way, or some heartbreaking moments with Haku, Zabuza and Asuma.

And then you get the Gold and Silver Brothers, and their story just bores me. Don’t get me wrong, the concept of the weapons is the only interesting thing about them. Tenten being able to handle one of them is impressive, even though she uses a lot of chakra by doing so. Then she whines like a little bitch when she gets it taken off her or else she could literally die from chakra exhaustion. Like girl, you’re irrelevant. That’s why you have a later filler segment where you dream that you are the be-all and end-all.

Dealing with Asuma is hearbreaking, but something in the flashback rubs me the wrong way after having seen the final thing and gone on to watch and learn of the Bortuo series. The following will be spoilers from the Boruto series, but here is the following rant:

It’s nice to see the importance of the Sarutobi clan being the ones to give the Ino-Shika-Cho squads symbolic earrings. However, placing Konohamaru Sarutobi in charge of Boruto’s team instead of having him lead the newest incarnation of Ino-Shika-Cho is confusing. I would have chalked it up to being an oversight on Naruto’s part, but the fact remains that Shikamaru is his aide, therefore should have had a say in this. Instead, Ino-Shika-Cho is led by Moegi, who for some reason can naturally use Wood Release, which shouldn’t be possible, but I at least hope that’s addressed later on. I got off-track, but it’s a huge continuity error that kinda shits on tradition and the back-story of relevant, important characters, honestly.

But the worst piss-take I found was that in the middle of the Asuma confrontation, they decided to stick in an episode focusing on Hanzo and Mifune, like they could have had that episode before or after Asuma. Bit ass-backwards if you ask me, but that’s how they decided to do the episodes I guess.

Overall though, the initial first day of the war is dull, with so much going on at the same time. The fillers do serve to give insight into what is happening in the less important areas of the war. But over the course of the day, you just know that there are higher stakes now, with more important battles. This is down to Naruto and Bee entering the battlefield to turn the tide, as well as Gaara’s confrontation with his reanimated father, as well as his company’s battles against the other reanimated Kage. And as always, the revelation that Gaara was always loved by his mother is coincidentally timed with the ever-present ninjas breaking into my room and cutting onions.

This is why Gaara’s my favourite character. Goddamn…

I will admit one thing, as fleeting as it was, it was pretty interesting of White Zetsu to target the higher-level Medics and the HQ, as it is a solid military tactic to target the support divisions, so that it’d leave the fighting forces less of a chance of survival.

Of course, there had to be a stand-off between Naruto and the reanimated Itachi and Nagato. I mean, it kinda rounds off that story quite nicely, although I just feel a bit…meh at it overall. I suppose I’m just too eager to witness the more decisive battles that are coming up. But the crow that Naruto ate up earlier in the series comes back to benefit Itachi, who can rid himself from Kabuto’s control entirely and do as he wishes, which is to take on Kabuto. I mean, props to the guy. And that’s what you get for using the Edo Tensei on such a powerful opponent like that. But more on that one later. Of course, planting Shisui’s eye into a crow like that is clever hindsight though, I have to say.

Overall, like I mentioned before, this arc has high points and lower points. I wouldn’t suggest that the lower points are awful, unless you’re watching fillers and come up to the Allied Mom Force. Man, that was an embarrassment.

But the high points were very gripping and drew you in, whereas the lower points were fine, but not awful. I suppose that’s what happens when you have an arc that involves a full-scale war with so many characters.

Next time I’m looking over the Fourth Shinobi World War – Climax, which is a complete lie because it’s far from the climax at that stage, because there are two whole arcs of the war after the fact!

Of course, as you may be aware, because of my break throughout August, the next part will go live on 2nd October, so please stick around because this series will continue!

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