Top 10 Steel-Type Shinies

The Steel-type is overpowered, with a great number of awesome shinies to feast on. So here are my picks for this list, in no particular order!

Mega Mawile


No doubt about it, Mega Mawile’s shiny is vastly superior to its predecessor, which looks dull in comparison. I wish that Mega Mawile was a permanent evolution instead, then I could be happy with using one in battle with this shiny form.



I love how Corviknight looks more like it’s wearing armour for its shiny form, not to mention its entire evolution line is a treat when it comes to the shiny. I feel that Corviknight shines better this way, and makes it look truly like a Steel-type.



I love the muted metallic colours of shiny Magnemite, so multiply it by three and you get shiny Magneton, a shiny that is (by theory) 3x better than shiny Magnemite.

Good job.



I’m very fond of shiny Kartana, because of its muted and understated colour scheme, while still keeping the vibe that the original possessed. I mean yes, I got one on the first attempt after deciding to soft-reset for it.



I love yellow Steelix. It’s actually a far sight better than the green Onix (even though that made sense, it’s like, yeah green shiny). You know I love my yellow shinies.



The best of the Meowth evolutions, Perrserker has a stunning shiny form to boot. I mean, it’s yellow, contrasting with its black features and flesh-coloured beard. It shouldn’t work, but it works for me.



I love how it’s a simple change for Jirachi, changing its teal wish tags to red, and also changing the colour of its body to a very muted pink/red, where you kinda have to squint to see it. But it’s here on this list because it’s so adorable.



I’m very much fond of the mint-green that Registeel sports, perhaps a lot more so than its original colour scheme. It complements its other colours really well, considering it’s a very basic design – not that the design is bad, it’s just very simple.



This combination shouldn’t work, but it does. Excadrill definitely rocks the look, even if I can’t really describe it myself. Just look at it. That is all.



This bastard, I swear. It looks good, but after going (at time of writing) 1,654 encounters without a single shiny Aron of your own in Pokemon GO, I would still like to kick this thing off a bridge. I got the shiny, but only after a trade (it was worth giving up a shiny Kingler for it).

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