Top 10 Steel-Types

We’re at the penultimate post for our type-related Top 10 lists! It won’t be long before we finally have a generally fun mixture of topics to cover! But enough of that – we’re here for the Steel-types, and my ten personal favourites!

10. Skarmory


Basically, Skarmory is every bit the metallic bird that you’d expect from a Steel/Flying-type, and it works. I’d have loved a little baby pre-evolution which wouldn’t make hatching an entire Skarmory so jarring. But for defenses, Skarmory’s a good option at the very least. Just don’t let it use any Special moves.

9. Jirachi


Jirachi’s my favourite Mythical by far, so it has to have a place on the list where its type is represented. I love its entire design and lore, and the fact that it awakens only once every millennium makes it all the more special.

8. Aegislash


I discussed Aegislash in my Ghost-type post, and the same rings true for this post. Aegislash is wicked good, and the amount of time I’ve used it, even just for a little bit, has been worth it.

7. Perrserker


When I heard Meowth got yet another regional variant, I wasn’t impressed until I saw Perrserker. It makes it so that it’s not another Persian, and Perrserker is infinitely better. I like cats. I like Vikings. A match made in heaven!

6. Corviknight


Corviknight is such a sweet bird! I managed to get a shiny with Mirror Armor while Masuda hunting a while back, and I’m so happy with the shiny colouring as well. I like using Hone Claws and Power Trip to increase the damage I deal by a bucketload. My Corviknight lasted until the very end of my Shield Nuzlocke when it was decimated by Zacian.

5. Metagross


Metagross is just a complete badass. It’s always fun going up against Steven’s Mega Metagross in Omega Ruby, especially considering its Tough Claws Ability giving you hell. I love how it’s basically two Metang fused together (having already had Beldum fuse together to create Metang).

4. Kartana


Kartana is a beauty. I like how it’s based on origami but obviously a bit deadlier than a papercut, that’s for certain! It’s a lovely Ultra Beast, and I kinda want to see them return just so I can use this again.

3. Excadrill


I haven’t been a huge fan of Excadrill until more recently. I saw it being used often while watching VGC battles, as well as evolving a Drilbur in Pokemon GO. I just really like it for its monster attacks. Its shiny form is great, too!

2. Lucario


Lucario is a Pokemon I’ve really liked from the get-go, stemming from my first time using one in Diamond. It’s so good, and I love its shiny form, even though that had to grow on me for a while. It also has nothing to do with being a fan favourite – I used it after hearing one friend talk about how good it was (thanks Callum!). I also used Lucario in my Y playthrough as one of my token Megas.

1. Dialga


Speaking of Sinnoh greats, here is Dialga, and it’s my favourite Legendary Pokemon of all time. Fun fact – the last time I had a McDonalds Happy Meal was so that I could get the Dialga toy. Totally worth it. Its stats in general are just phenomenal! And that’s all before getting into Primal Dialga.

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