Super Danganronpa Another 2 Executions Ranked

I didn’t think I’d be writing this post, but I wanted to give a big shout out to Super Danganronpa Another 2, which is a Korean fangame (and hasn’t been fully translated) and I will probably play it once an English localisation has been finished.

Now, I’ve seen the deaths and executions, and wow! I did this over the first Danganronpa Another game because I don’t feel that some of the executions of the first lived up to canon. But these executions here are just amazing. You can find all deaths and executions here. I won’t include the prologue execution in here, but there are despair-inducing spoilers afoot.

Press Conference

Executed: Nikei Yomiuri

Obviously I don’t have a lot of context for this, considering I haven’t seen the localisation. But of course, I know that Nikei was executed for breaking rules rather than killing someone. So he runs from a press conference, finds a helicopter and tries to grab onto the ladder with his dominant hand, which has had lost earlier. He then falls to his death.

Now, not a whole lot goes on here, which is why it’s on the bottom of the list. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad execution. It’s pretty quick, if I do say so myself.

Super Makunouching Machine

Executed: Hajime Makunouchi

This is pretty brutal, on the same level as Leon Kuwata’s execution. And because this is a first execution, it fits the theme well. The Ultimate Boxer gets a taste of his own medicine and ends up getting pummelled to death. The icing on the cake is the buzzsaw chewing him up in the end, and then a souvenir pops out.

I mean, again, it’s a simple execution that is executed really well (pardon the pun).

The Emma In The Woods

Executed: Emma Magorobi

I absolutely love the film-theme of this execution. It emphasises the two call-backs to Emma’s name – she’s named after both Emma Watson and Margot Robbie, after all! So you see references to both Harry Potter and the Joker’s “Why so serious?” catchphrase. Also, Emma ends up in a room with a bunch of elevators with references to popular horror characters.

The best part of this execution is the shot of the bloody room after the fact, giving off that horror vibe all the more. It’s bloody amazing and terrifying.

Melody Rhythm Final Death Concert

Executed: Hibiki Otonokoji, Kanade Otonokoji

These two deserve to be high on the list. I mean, they both killed and dissected someone. But this execution is a whole other ball game (get it? They killed the Ultimate Billiards Player). On a more serious note, it’s the first time you see two people executed at the same time, having both become the blackened.

I love the desperation of Hibiki, combined with the insanity of Kanade, resulting in Hibiki bashing Kanade’s head in with a microphone, and struggling to get the key to release herself from the chain, which strangles Kanade in the process. But…she grabs the key, and off comes her head. Kanade has a face of insane despair, the floor collapses and Kanade is left…hanging. It’s a pretty brutal concept, but we love it. I’ve also seen it to be one of the more popular (if not the most popular) of the executions in this game. It would have been top of the list, had the next entry not been as what the fuck.

Deep Sea Trip ~At the Bottom of the Sea~

Executed: Yuki Maeda, Yoruko Kabuya, Sora, Iroha Nijiue (all survived)

This is one hell of an execution, so let me start from the verdict given. It strayed away from the safety of canon by ensuring that we picked the wrong person (Iroha) as the culprit in a strange case of trickery. Hence the four-way execution. They each suffer from different executions – Yuki’s is a direct call-back to Makoto’s and Kyoko’s execution, Iroha gets used as a paintbrush and Yoruko ends up drowning in a tank. Most of the focus is on Sora, who’s plunged underwater and is dragged down with some kind of heavy weight, with a shark at the bottom. All of this happens with Mikado Sannoji, the real culprit, watching from the trial room.

However, before Sora is eaten by the shark, the execution blue-screens.

I love the uncanny feeling of having a full class execution though, and it’s something I’m eager to work with. It’s everything from the sirens and flashing lights signalling that the vote was wrong, to everyone else visibly being carried off to their executions, as well as said executions being stopped.

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