Favourite Animal Crossing: New Horizons Visitors

Hey there! We like the visitors to our village and/or island, and they can either make our break our day. I just wanted to highlight my favourite of the bunch that we have currently in New Horizons! These are in no particular order, though.

This list won’t be including characters such as Isabelle and Blathers, but there may be a future post relating to these sorts of characters.

This list’s honourable mention goes to Kicks. He’s just so cute, and he has the whole Oliver Twist inspiration working for him. His downside is the lack of apparel, and I kinda wish he had his own little booth within the Able Sisters shop, that’s all.


Pascal is so adorable, but it helps that I’m a huge lover of otters in general. The first summer wave made me so happy with Pascal’s return to the series. I would happily give him all of my scallops if I could. Not even for any reward, but because he deserves them.


I get excited when I see Flick on my island, admittedly more than I do CJ. Flick doesn’t lock selling bugs behind a challenge, which helps his cause. I love his punk design, too, and it works for him being a chameleon.


Celeste is my favourite of the special visiting villagers. I always look forward to a visit from Celeste, and that’s mostly down to her design. I mean, she literally gets stars in her eyes! I wish (no pun intended) that she had her observatory in New Horizons, just as an excuse to visit her more often, instead of relying on shooting stars or random arrivals.

K.K. Slider

The only character in Animal Crossing that is able to get away with being completely naked, K.K. Slider is a highlight to our weekends, and you’re able to get a new song for your collection every weekend, plus do all sorts of song requests. It doubles into a fun concert if you bring friends. And of course, he kinda monopolises the broad range of genres that music has to offer.


Leif is pretty adorable, and he always comes across as very innocent when I go to him to sell my weeds and buy some of his flowers. I always feel bad leaving him at the end of the transactions because he’s like ‘you gotta do what makes you happy’ and that kinda makes me sad for some reason. Plus he’s based on a sloth, and…I adore sloths!

Those are my five favourite visiting villagers! Who would you have on this list instead? I wanna know!

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