Top 10 Dark-Type Shinies

We’re not too far from the end of the shiny posts now, so I’d like to thank everyone who’s read these posts, liked them and gave me feedback – it’s been a great ride!

So now, in no particular order, here are my lovely picks for Dark-type shinies.



You have to love shiny Weavile, I gotta say. Despite all of the shiny Sneasel that I’ve caught in Pokemon GO, there was nothing more satisfying than having a Sneasel run right up to me in Sword, and then discovering that it was shiny. I had to evolve it almost straight away and pay homage to my good friend Steve. Hey dude!



I’m still laughing at Hydreigon’s hand-puppet-like design. But the green and purple – absolutely yes! I can’t wait to hunt one of these in Pokemon GO- oh wait.



Shiny Absol has a special place in my heart due to my first encounter with it in Pokemon GO, where my first ever Absol Raid ended up with me getting the shiny. I do love the colouring as well, considering it’s a lovely red colour, with green eyes to compliment.



I love the pink/red colour, as it looks so rich and vibrant. It’s a main factor as to why I eventually want to hunt for shiny Stunky for one of my Poison-type team reserves.



I said quite a while back how I liked my Grass-type shinies to take on the autumnal feel in their colouration, and Cacturne takes me to church with that aesthetic! It reminds me of how my cactus looks when it’s looking like it’s about to die, so there’s a stark reminder to water my cactus as I type this.



I love me some golden yellow on a Pokemon, and Inkay is no exception. That’s all I have to say on the matter.



I think the blue on Morgrem is just divine, especially combined with the white hair. It’s something that’s sadly lost on Grimmsnarl, but it fits Morgrem perfectly in my opinion.



I’m living for the purple and turquoise on Spiritomb – it keeps the image of being eerie and psychedelic at the same time. Good choice of colours!



Shiny Umbreon looks so good – and it’s just because of the change in the accents from yellow to blue – it’s a change that doesn’t change the general colours altogether, but makes it look so different still.



I love looking at shiny Carvanha in comparison to its normal form because it just looks so good. I like how the originally blue parts of Carvanha was changed to green instead of the pink/purple we usually see on Hoenn blue Pokemon. It’s a combination that shouldn’t work, but it strangely does.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Dark-Type Shinies

  1. Tim

    I think this might be the first of your shiny lists where we’ve disagreed on more of them than we’ve agreed on. That said, YES CACTURNE!


      1. Tim

        I completely agree on Umbreon, Cacturne, and Morgrem. Inkay and Absol are fine, though I wouldn’t put them in my favorites (making said list still). I do not like the other five at all.


      2. Not even Weavile? Dude that’s one of my favourite shinies! Although I have to say that the others are acquired tastes. No matter, you’ll be seeing a lot of shiny Skuntank soon enough!


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