Top 10 Dark-Types

Hey! Who turned out the light? I quite like the Dark-type to be a counter to the very overpowered Psychic-type from Gen 1, and it made way for an amazing array of new Pokemon styles and designs to go ham on. Here are just ten of my favourites of the Dark-type!

10. Shiftry


I love Shiftry’s design so much, and I find it funny that even though Ludicolo is one of my favourites, I always end up with the version of the game that has Shiftry. I think its shiny form pre-Gen 5 is better though.

9. Houndoom


I’m sad that I didn’t get to use my Houndoom more in the Soul Link playthrough, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. I still really like Houndoom though, and is pretty much what I would describe a devil dog to be like.

8. Krookodile


Krookodile just oozes awesome, and I do particularly like how its colouring is different from the rest of its evolution line, and it sets it apart from the rest. It’s not one that I had the opportunity to use, but if I found one, I’d definitely use it for those nice Attack and Speed stats alone.

7. Grimmsnarl


I always take the piss and end up singing Guren no Yumiya whenever I see a Gigantamax Grimmsnarl. I mean, while it kinda look out of place as an evolution of Morgrem, I still like it, as well as my 6IV Gmax big boy.

6. Honchkrow


Honchkrow is a Big Boss (literally). It’s definitely a much-needed step up from Murkrow, that felt very barebones. I heard someone say that they dislike Honchkrow’s design because it removed the witch element from Murkrow (even though Murkrow is more suited to being a henchman). But I still really like it, and it looks very intimidating.

5. Weavile


Weavile has to be on here, it’s my good friend Steve’s favourite Pokemon, plus it is a pretty awesome one to call a favourite. I also love its shiny form (pink and yellow, you should know me well enough by now).

4. Hydreigon


Before Dragapult was released, Hydreigon was the top pseudo-legendary. I think it looks awesome, but I find it funny that its extra heads now remind me of puppets. I still like the concept, although I wish their necks were shorter so that it didn’t look like the heads are hands. Just saying.

3. Pangoro


Pangoro would be higher on this list if I didn’t love the top two so much. Pangoro is, for me, an underrated Pokemon, and that’s not a deserving position for it to have. I’ve enjoyed using a shiny to help grind XP to evolve Pokemon for a Home living dex. I also used one heavily in a past Shield Nuzlocke, it was one of the main MVPs.

2. Absol


Absol’s a Pokemon that I haven’t used recently but I still enjoy. It’s a beautiful Pokemon that I enjoyed using throughout my first Omega Ruby playthrough, especially with its Mega Evolution and its Magic Bounce Ability. Plus I have fond memories of when it first came out in Pokemon Go – my first Absol raid ended up with me getting the shiny.

1. Umbreon


Umbreon is my favourite Eeveelution, and that’s mainly because I was immediately drawn to it when regarding all of the Eeveelutions the most (at the time Sylveon didn’t exist). I have an Umbreon plush somewhere that I got a while back, and it’s just purely awesome.

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