A Slice of a Dream – What To Expect From Laranjeira

Hey guys! I originally had no plans for this, but since the Dream feature in Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out recently, I wanted to give you a bit of a guided tour of Laranjeira, my island. Here I give you explanations of what it’s about, the general theme and the vibe that I’m aiming for.

For those who are looking to explore, my Dream Address is:

The Theme

The name: Laranjeira is Portuguese for ‘orange tree’, and the native fruit is orange. I can’t remember if the native flower is pansy or tulip. Let’s go with pansy.

The theme of Laranjeira is that it’s open, broad, and simple. I never bought into the huge city vibes or heavy themed islands, but I wanted to make it cosy and relaxed, so you can just enjoy yourself. It’s inspired by the laid-back atmosphere I experienced in Lisbon. The afternoon sun is the peak time to enjoy Laranjeira, so I always save it for the afternoon.

For Laranjeira, simplicity is key! I don’t have complex pathways and platforms to hop onto. I don’t have a game of ‘find the ducks’ (I know someone that does, and that’s pretty awesome though). I don’t have twisty paths.

My other plan for Laranjeira is preparation for future updates. So if there’s a new update that brings something major, like a new building or feature, I want to have the space ready so it’s good to go.

My island flag is (of course) an orange, paying homage to the island’s name and the island theme song is probably a bit familiar – it’s Lavender Town.

The Cafe Area (Work in Progress)

I have a cafe area that’s almost directly in front of the entrance. I want to leave more space for the (hopeful) return of Brewster. I wanted to feature outdoor seating in this area, and this is a proud reference to the outdoor seating areas found outside various pastelarias in Portugal, which I’m sure you could find at least one on every street that I wandered down.

I most recently extended it, as there was originally water but no fish spawned there. It allowed me to add more furniture in that area.

Shop Layout

Of course, this may change in the future, but I wanted to give it a little more flair to it recently, with less flora around it, and more urbanisation. Of course, I have a garden wagon outside the Able Sisters, while there’s a park clock in between that and Nook’s Cranny. To the left of both shops is a little seating area that is mainly there as a placeholder, if I’m honest.

To the far left of the island is a marketplace with some seating in the middle, kinda like a food court set-up. I wanted to fill the space, and because it was nothing but trees and cosmos, I wanted more furniture in there.

Seating Area

The Tearastar-approved seating area is placed directly outside Nook’s Cranny, and to give it that Parisian vibe, I have Animal City playing on the stereo. There are two benches with a campfire in the middle, a table with some seats, as well as a picnic area with zen cushions. I love this little area, and sometimes I have villagers singing into the microphone near the stereo (literally as I write this, Raymond is singing along!).

Campsite / Garden

The campsite area is one of my favourite areas, and that’s mainly because of the areas surrounding it, and I’ll take you through each one. I originally wanted a zen garden concept, but I slowly lost focus on that. So I re-utilised the hearth for the campsite, as well as a zen cushion, some seating and a pool chair for extra relaxation. There’s also a jukebox that plays K.K. Rally. I decided to close it off with fencing, and got the campsite sign from the Pocket Camp link-up, which works really well!

The second part involves a load of trees (mainly for wood and insect farming), and that’s where my Lily of the Valley plants spawn. There’s also another highlight – a path made from bamboo trees and Lily of the Valley plants, with the entrance beign a stone arch. It leads down to a zen-style stone, which serves as a memorial area.

Of course, I had to add a lake and a pond in there, but then there’s also my orchard. This has four trees of each fruit (including the money trees), and I never really touch these fruit. It used to be a lot more hectic when I started making this orchard, but I decided that having paths was best so that I didn’t have to lose weeds or fossils in the mess! Plus it looks so great looking at it with the new custom path.

Connor’s House and Garden

This was a little pet project for his birthday, and because we share an island, this is his little area. I moved his house and fully expanded and furnished it for his birthday, including the garden. I’m proud of it, that’s for certain!

It’s a simple home, but it includes a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, junk/craft room and a gym/sleeping quarters combination.

He doesn’t play Animal Crossing much, but he loaded up for his birthday and he was pleasantly surprised with what I’d done!


I love the makeshift exhibits that I had outside the museum, as well as the pond and a little seating areas. There’s also the binoculars which you can see from afar. I wanted to give it a bit of a grand space, but nothing too much. It actually sits at the highest point of Laranjeira.

I may improve this area over time, but for now, I really like it. Some extra statues and goodies from Gulliver and Gullivarrr may go here in the future.

Bar and Music Area (Work in Progress)

A small section of the area above the shops is saved for a makeshift bar, including a kotatsu, a dining table (serving as a buffet station) and a clay furnace. This may get improved on over time, though! However, the magic happens in the conjoined area, where it’s set up to be a music venue. There are seats and a handy wardrobe (I like to get dressed outside, okay), with a variety of instruments and a DJ booth. A couple of times, Poppy has played that piano, which was such a highlight!


I love the recent refurbishment that I’ve made to the neighbourhood. It used to consist of little plots of land that didn’t give a lot of breathing space or personality, plus I wanted to add little gardens for everyone after seeing some nice ones on YouTube. Some villagers share larger gardens (Raymond and Phoebe, Marina and Sydney, Stitches and Willow), and the rest have their own smaller gardens. It’s down to the space limitations that I was willing to work with, because I want to save space for future updates and features. However, I love the little areas I’ve created for them now, and it was such a good idea to spend the time working on it.

Each garden area has a log extra-long sofa for each villager, as well as a barbecue. For some, there are extra bits of furniture, such as chairs, hammocks and tables. I also made sure to add some potted plants to the gardens.

My Home

My exterior is a gorgeous stucco wall (I love stucco walls) with a red roof. It used to be all-white but I got bored (plus I wanted that Nook Miles achievement). I have a little garden with my first Lily of the Valley plants (although I might change those out in the future), and silly things, such as the popcorn maker (reminds me of Colégio Militar/Luz Metro station, they sold popcorn in these machines and the smell was heavenly), and an orange paddling pool with a black rubber duck!

My living room serves as my base of operations – where everything takes place. It just makes it easier to craft stuff this way. I recently remodelled it so it’s a cosy living room first and foremost!
My kitchen isn’t quite complete yet, but at least I have the ironwood kitchenette!
My bedroom is pretty simple, just does what it needs to.
I have a lovely underwater theme for my bathroom, and I love the tankless toilet!
My upper floor is an office space that I would use for crafting if I wasn’t so lazy!
My basement is starting to come together nicely with the mermaid theme. That also serves as my ‘werkroom’, as they say! I love the mermaid stuff you get from Pascal, and it’s been a joy to get this all put together.

Tiki Bar

I’ve been so excited about the tiki bar, as simple as it is. It’s just in a little nook off to the side, close to the beach on the west side. It used to be where Connor’s home was, but then it remained empty when I relocated his house recently. So I decided to turn it into an open-plan tiki bar, like the bars you see at holiday resorts! It’s currently my pride and joy!

Areas of Improvement

Of course, in the next month I am planning on extra landscaping, and I just got a rock garden finished near the neighbourhood!

Next to Connor’s house is a little mini-forest with some trees. They’re a placeholder for if a new addition comes along and I want the space for a new building. And if the datamines are correct, I may convert it to a farming space.

I never really got to find the exact pattern used for pavements in Portugal, but I think the ones that I have used serve their purpose.

I hope you enjoyed your trip to Laranjeira, and it’d be interesting to know what you thought! I’d like some tips and advice, but obviously nothing too complex and imposing!

Thank you so much, and I’ll see you in your dreams!

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