Least Favourite Animal Crossing Villagers by Personality

I did the best three Animal Crossing villagers by categorising their personalities, so now we head on to the dreaded least favourites. I mean, it’s hard to diss a lot of the villagers (except Harry), but we’ll dive right in!


Jambette, Alice, Rhonda

I really don’t like Jambette. It’s the Drag Race All-Stars lip fillers that I really don’t like. Alice, on the other hand, is just too forgettable for me. I kept seeing Rhonda on one of my villager hunts (literally three times), so yeah not cool.


Wendy, Freckles, Tabby

I had Wendy on my island once, and she just got so irritating that I kept typing into the game for her to move out. I spent all day trying to get rid of her and I missed the opportunity to get Willow on my island because of it. Freckles would be a lot cuter if she didn’t have the wide-set eyes, while Tabby…just no.


Broffina, Elise, Tiffany

These are all very unsettling to me. I just don’t get what happened in the design process, but someone please take them away.


Rocket, Renee, Shari

I hate saying this because we shouldn’t be compartmentalising gender roles, but Rocket does not look female, let alone sisterly. It’s just weird, plus I’m not huge on the kinds of villagers that have outfits as part of their actual body. Renee is the worse of the two with similar names, and Shari kinda looks like she’s been messing around with the Wotsits.


Boots, Axel, Jitters

Boots was one of my villagers and for some reason he always used to piss me off. It took me an age to get rid of him and I was glad to be shot of him in the end! Axel just looks creepy, while poor Jitters…ease off on the coffee, mate!


Barold, Chester, Marcel

These all look really strange, and give me uncanny vibes. I’ll pass.


Harry, Chow, Limberg

I got a lot of shit one time for not liking Harry, but that’s because he’s almost always featured on one of my villager hunts, and that gets very old, very fast. Chow just looks really weird, while Limberg kinda reminds me of a character from one of those gritty British dramas.


Beardo, Olaf, Rodney

I just really don’t like the concept of any of these villagers. Beardo looks like…what is that hair on his lower half? Euw. Rodney just looks like a smug stoner, while Olaf…kinda don’t want to be on the same dimension as him, he looks like he’ll gaslight me for something…

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