Naruto Shippuden Reviews – Part 8

We’re getting into the preparations for the Fourth Great Shinobi War in this arc, and it’s definitely interesting. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster, and we’re going from episodes 215 – 222, and picking up again from episode 245 until 256.

We are skipping the Paradise Life on a Boat arc, as that is filler and nobody wants to hear about boat fillers.

This arc pretty much picks up straight where we left off, with Naruto and Sasuke duking it out a little bit, with flashback upon flashback, sometimes even flashbacks within flashbacks. Then everyone goes home, pretty much hunky-dory.

One of the best parts of the first part of the arc is definitely Kakashi and Gai’s race. This helps break the tense atmosphere and give us some much-needed comic relief before everything gets really serious.

Honestly, I always hate how Naruto is treated completely childishly in a lot of cases, like where he’s overly-excited to see the octopus that was prophesised for him. However, in Naruto’s defence, I think the last time I saw someone so excited about an octopus was in a hentai. Alas, Killer B is hesitant to train him up, but we get there eventually, but seems a bit backwards if you ask me. You are literally only one of two Jinchuriki left, so how’s it going to help if you don’t train the other one left how to survive against the Akatsuki onslaught? Christ on a bike!

I like the concept of seeing your true self in the Waterfall of Truth, and I think it’d be interesting to see other characters go through that. Just a passing thought, but it hits home that even protagonists have dark states of mind in these kinds of shows.

With Naruto finally meeting Kushina, we get a better iteration of How I Met Your Mother, obviously gender-flipped. And it’s still a more heart-wrenching love story between Minato and Kushina than Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey. Overall I had to reach for the tissues multiple times, as the ninjas broke into my flat again to cut some onions.

To be fair, chopped onions are really handy.

We then go from ninjas cutting onions to Kisame being, well, Kisame. And this scene is only memorable for this image below:

I mean, no shit Sherlock!

To be honest that’s the only memorable part of this scene, or any scene with Kisame. I actually find Kisame very forgettable – I don’t know about anyone else, though.

Tobi kills Konan and steals one of Nagato’s Rinnegan. That’s all I have for that. I always forget this happens, to be completely honest.

After the fact is when I realised that there was a bit of a continuity error. It transpired that Kabuto wanted to use Jiraiya for the Impure World Reincarnation but couldn’t because of the pressure the original body was under when it went underwater. However, Nagato was reincarnated despite the body not being located and was kept safe.

But then we get on to the capture of Yamato and I think to myself, I wish a lot of this stuff just didn’t happen because I promptly forgot about a lot of it. Even the animals and their dynamic felt very filler-esque, and could have been just a side-part, rather than take up nearly an episode.

I did say it’d go downhill and that the arc in general is a rollercoaster, but I forgot just how much of this arc was forgettable. But at least we get the beginning of the war, I suppose.

A summary of things that happened that I’ll either remember or completely forget:

  • Sasuke goes insane
  • Kakashi becomes Hokage and then doesn’t because Tsunade wakes up
  • Naruto gets on a boat and goes through excruciating filler
  • Killer B trains Naruto – Naruto encounters Dark Naruto and his mother
  • The most tear-jerking love story
  • Kisame comes in and offs himself
  • Tobi kills off Konan
  • Kabuto steals Yamato for his Zetsu experiment
  • The war starts, at long last!

Next time, actual war stuff happens! Finally!

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