Top 10 Dragon-Type Shinies

Dragons are fun, but sometimes a pain to hunt (especially the pseudo-legendary dragons, with their longer hatch time), but they tend to be so worth it in the end. So here are my glorious shiny dragons, in no particular order.



I don’t talk about the bronze colouring on shinies enough, and it works for Drampa, complemented by its white fur. It’s just a great shiny, and I had the pleasure of hunting for one a while back now!



The vibrant pink on Dragonair, accented by the gold orbs on its chest and tail tip, looks amazing, and it actually reminds me of the Sealing Wand from Cardcaptor Sakura. I never recommend anyone evolving Dragonair to Dragonite, because the lack of quality on Dragonite shows. I just really love the hot pink on Dragonair.



A lot of people love this shiny, and I agree. It’s the blue that does it for me, and it makes Tyrantrum look a whole lot more badass than normal. Absolute win.



Naganadel looks so much like it should be a wasp, which kinda terrifies me, but the design and colours work too well for me to actually be terrified of it. However, if this existed in real life I’d be spending the rest of my life firmly indoors.



I love shiny Goodra, and it’s why Goodra itself isn’t much lower down in my pseudo-legendary Pokemon ranking. It’s yellow and pink, although the yellow is definitely muted, but it works so well that I’m going to have to hunt Goomy sooner rather than later.



Shiny Altaria, and also Swablu for that matter, are lovely. I don’t know why they are golden, but it works, and that’s all I care about at this point. Maybe the cloud could have been a little darker though, just my opinion.



Haxorus is a simple change, going to all-black with red accents that make it stand out a lot more. I mean, the red accents were already there, so keeping them that way makes it look a lot more fierce than before.



I love shiny Rayquaza, that’s for certain. It’s elegant in black, just like with Haxorus, but with added yellow and red detailing from its regular form. Rayquaza, in general, is the reason why the Weather Trio is my favourite Legendary Trio, and the shiny of both Rayquaza and Groudon amplify that.



Hot take: I like shiny Druddigon, which is why it’s a shame to see such a Pokemon wasted. It’s green and orange/yellow. The green looks so magnificent, I have to say.



Flygon’s shiny is really underrated, in my opinion. I remember not a lot of people were excited for Trapinch Community Day back in last October, but I was excited because I really like shiny Flygon. I love blue and green together – it’s not a combination that should work, but somehow, strangely, it does.

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