Making Galar Gyms – Ground

Hey guys! As with my current series, I’m going to be creating a new Galar Gym team today, this time focusing on the Ground-type.

So without further ado, here is my Galarian Ground-type Gym team!


Hippowdon is the easy choice to start off with, purely for its Sand Stream Ability. I decided to go down the bulky stalling route with its moveset when in a pinch, but I decided to give it the Chesto Berry to wake it up straight after using Rest.

Ability: Sand Stream

Item: Chesto Berry

Moves: Earthquake, Rest, Sleep Talk, Crunch


Golurk is great, and I definitely wanted it on my team for this Gym. I want to take advantage of its beastly Attack stat by giving it Iron Fist, as well as a couple of good punching moves. I decided to give it Thief so it can take an item for itself.

Ability: Iron Fist


Moves: Thief, Phantom Force, Thunder Punch, Dig


Normal Gem Explosion? Yes.

Ability: Levitate

Item: Normal Gem

Moves: Explosion, Extrasensory, Scorching Sands, Dazzling Gleam


Its Special Attack isn’t that great, or else some of the Ice moves would be happening. Nonetheless, Blizzard would be better, as well as a few choice Physical moves.

Ability: Oblivious

Item: Rocky Helmet

Moves: Take Down, Superpower, Stone Edge, Blizzard


Of course, Mega Kick and High Horsepower are moves that I’d love to see on Mudsdale. Lash Out would be fun if at any point any stats are dropped on Mudsdale. Body Press will take advantage of the great defenses of Mudsdale, in conjunction with its Stamina Ability.

Ability: Stamina

Item: Soft Sand

Moves: Mega Kick, Lash Out, High Horsepower, Body Press


Of course, I would Gigantamax Sandaconda at the earliest opportunity, and the Sand Spit would activate a sandstorm, which would be very handy indeed. I wanted to experiment with Scale Shot and Skitter Smack though.

Ability: Sand Spit

Item: King’s Rock

Moves: Scale Shot, Skitter Smack, Earthquake, Stone Edge

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