Favourite Animal Crossing Villagers by Personality

It’s not about looks, it’s about personality – or so they say. But when there are only eight personalities in the entire Animal Crossing roster, it does boil down to appearances, as well as how well that villager encapsulates the personality.

So here are my favourite villagers across each personality, and I’m doing three per personality, just so that there’s more variety.


Sydney, Fauna, Lolly

Sydney and Fauna together have to be two of my favourite villagers of all time. This personality has a lot of villagers that I like, which made this hard to categorise. But Lolly is one that I always gravitate towards if I’m looking for a cute cat (she has to be my favourite cat, really).

Honourable mentions: Stella, Skye, Poppy


Twiggy, Bunnie, Rosie

Twiggy, for me, perfectly embodies the peppy personality, but if I didn’t have Twiggy, I’d seriously consider Bunnie for my island. I mean, look at her! Also Rosie is here because she’s adorable too!

Honourable mentions: Piper, Nibbles, Flora


Willow, Ankha, Blaire

Of course, Willow is here because of her colour combination, plus she’s cute anyway! Ankha is pretty awesome, and I love her concept so much! Blaire, I feel is underrated as hell. I’ve not had her on my island, but I wouldn’t mind her.

Honourable mentions: Bree, Mint, Whitney


Phoebe, Katt, Reneigh

Of course the sisterly villagers are fewer in numbers, but there are some gems. Take Phoebe for example, who currently resides on my island! I love her burning lava home. Katt is pretty cute and simple too. Reneigh is nice, and I can see why people like her.

Honourable mentions: Fuchsia, Mira, Charlise


Pierce, Dom, Rudy

Pierce was one of my OG villagers on my island, and he’s a great eagle. I think Dom is really cute, and it pained me to turn him down before (I was specifically hunting for a lazy villager at the time). Rudy is just adorable though.

Honourable mentions: Roald, Poncho, Antonio


Ozzie, Stitches, Sherb

Ozzie is severely underrated and underloved, but he’s so adorable and fits the lazy personality perfectly. I haven’t found a lazy villager that fits as well as Ozzie does. I miss him, but I want him without the lazy home. He’s Connor’s favourite too, which helps. Stitches is my birthday twin, and Sherb has the honour of being the cutest goat villager to boot. This was such a hard category to rank.

Honourable mentions: Filbert, Cranston, Erik


Chief, Apollo, Octavian

Chief was a journey for me, but he’s so adorable and elegant that I still have him to this day. Sadly Octavian and Apollo, for me, don’t hold a candle to Chief, but I have had them both on my island before and enjoyed their company.

Honourable mentions: Angus, Static, Wolfgang


Marshal, Lopez, Kidd

Marshal is the best smug villager, hands down, and the Animal Crossing Portal popularity chart doesn’t lie. Lopez was my first smug villager, so still holds a special place in my heart. Kidd is pretty cute, I have to say.

Honourable mentions: Raymond, O’Hare, Zell

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