Top 10 Ice-Type Shinies

Hopefully, my good friend, Tim would have some things to say about my choices here, as he particularly likes Ice-type Pokemon. So here they are, my favourite Ice-type shinies, in no particular order.



I love the inversion of colours on Aurorus, and I did attempt to Masuda hunt this back in Ultra Sun. However, with the Sword/Shield DLC, that’s a possibility (when I get around to it). It’ll be worth it to have this beauty as a shiny.



I love the faded blue on Articuno, making it look even more like an Ice-type. It’s a pretty sweet bird if I do say so myself. I love the design of Articuno anyway, but this shiny form just elevates it even more.



Eiscue was my first successful Masuda hunt, having hunted it in Sword. It also gave me an unrealistic expectation of Masuda hunting, having hatched it in only 144 eggs. I love the pink colour on Eiscue, especially in its Ice Face Form.



Out of the Galarain abomination fossils, I think Arctozolt looks best in its shiny. It’s usually very vibrant, with bright blue and yellow to go well together. But the muted, deathly look suits it so well, considering that they are strange fusions of fossils.



Even though Delibird loses its Santa Clause colour scheme with its shiny, I do like the pink/purple on Delibird in its stead. It’s a simple change that works and is at least noticeable.



It’s yellow on Piloswine. It’s the best of the evolution line. It’s yellow.



I look at this thing and think ‘don’t eat yellow snow’, but the yellow accents make Bergmite stand out for me, and it’s a lot cuter now than I ever gave it credit for. Sometimes, different shiny accents give a Pokemon new life and make them look better or cuter.



I love how shiny Cryogonal makes its face more prominent. Just like I was saying with Bergmite, the deeper blues and more vibrant facial features makes it look more like a snowflake with an actual face, rather than just a snowflake.



I love the drastic and polarising change on Kyurem’s normal form. Not to mention its Black and White forms look incredible as shiny, I just have to go with the original for this entry.



Snorunt is blue, therefore it looks like it’s got even more of an excuse to keep shivering like it does. That’s what I like about shiny Snorunt.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Ice-Type Shinies

  1. Tim

    I forgot how adorable Bergmite’s shiny is! I’m working on a shiny types post myself now (for much later down the line) and I might have to change that list as a result.


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