Top 10 Ice-Types

It’s getting a bit nippy in here, so I’ll keep the introductions brief! This type faced a chilly reception when I was was statistically figuring out my favourite type. So here it is, the best of the Ice-types!

10. Eiscue


I adored Eiscue from the moment I set my eyes on it, and it became the first Pokemon that I shiny hunted for in Sword. I love the advantage of the Ice Face Ability, and how it’ll drop the cube face after being hit by a physical attack. Plus it’s a penguin, and stupidly adorable.

9. Arctozolt


This Pokemon shouldn’t exist, but aesthetically it’s my favourite of the four fossil abominations. I was always curious as to what an Electric/Ice-type Pokemon would look like, but I didn’t expect this. I just love the colour contrasts, and it may be one I use in a future playthrough. Possibly.

8. Lapras


I don’t think I know anyone that doesn’t like Lapras, honestly. I still think that we should have had Lapras as a European regional instead of Mr. Mime in Pokemon Go. It’s such a great Pokemon to fall back on if you need a great counter to Dragon-types such as Dragonite or Salamence.

7. Mr. Rime


There’s something so satisfying about a Pokemon that you heavily dislike getting a new regional variant, and an evolution to boot. I love that Mr. Rime is based on tap-dancers and Charlie Chaplin. Now, if you haven’t watched a Charlie Chaplin film, I highly recommend you do so – he is iconic. I have to admit that it’s quite mesmerising watching it tap-dance.

6. Articuno


Zapdos is my favourite of the Legendary Birds, but in terms of design and useability, Articuno comes in a close second. Very close, I might add. It could have been favourite if I hadn’t seen Zapdos first. It’s so pretty and elegant, and doesn’t look like trash in its shiny form!

5. Froslass


I think that Froslass is my preferred evolution of Snorunt, particularly with its Ice/Ghost type combination. It’s mainly the design, and I went out of my way to get a female Snorunt so that I could get a Froslass early on in my Shield playthrough.

4. Aurorus


Aurorus was my first-ever foray into actually using an Ice-type Pokemon in a normal playthrough, and I chose it because it reminded me of a diplodocus (my favourite dinosaur). I always compensated for its lower speed by having Avalanche on it, ensuring it did double damage.

3. Weavile


Steve, you got your wish! Well, Weavile would have been on this list anyway. But still…

2. Frosmoth


Frosmoth is beautiful! Its Special Defense stat is great, but made even more phenomenal if the Frosmoth has its Ice Scales Hidden Ability. I don’t like its 4x weaknesses to Rock and Fire, but it’s a case of ensuring that Frosmoth gets nowhere near. On a different note, I love moths, and this one looks amazing!

1. Alolan Ninetales


I loved using the Alolan Ninetales in my Let’s Go playthrough, it definitely helped out in a lot of areas that needed that Ice- and Fairy-type coverage, such as the battle against Zapdos, for example. It’s a beautiful variant on an already brilliant Pokemon, that’s for certain.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Ice-Types

  1. Tim

    Thanks for reminding me that I should really try to use Eiscue on a team at some point. Ice type has wonderful Pokemon, even though you do seem to be missing a few of my favorites. You have my top 5 all on this list somewhere though.


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