Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Executions Ranked

Hey guys! I had a moment of hope earlier when I remembered a while back, I wanted to make a series of videos ranking the Danganronpa executions across each of the main games. Of course, I don’t make videos anymore, so I’ll write it instead!

Because this post features a list of executions, there are despair-inducing spoilers for the first game. The other games’ execution rankings will be live as well.

Excavator Destroyer

Executed: Alter Ego

If I’m completely honest this is the only execution in this game that I kinda feel ‘meh’ about. However, it’s more of a cop-out for Monokuma, because the case featured a suicide, thus there was no blackened that was alive. Therefore Monokuma took it all out on a laptop that featured an AI based on the deceased Chihiro. It’s definitely a subtle nod to button-mashing that you tend to do when playing different games.

The Cage of Death

Executed: Mondo Owada

For me this only tops the last execution because Mondo literally turns to butter at the end. I do like that it’s based on The Story of Little Black Sambo, which explains the tiger imagery in this execution. To be fair, this execution is taken a step further in the Danganronpa 3 anime, considering the later

Blast Off!

Executed: Jin Kirigiri

This is literally the first thing we see in the game, and it sets everything up really well. However, right until the end of the game, we just see it as some random guy, or the Headmaster, if you will. But I like the premise that he at least ends up going into space while he’s dying, so…

The 1,000 Blows

Executed: Leon Kuwata

This is a pretty big blow to the rest of the students watching, I have to say. This would be the first time you see the implications of the Class Trial, and seeing Leon being dragged into a batting cage and getting pummelled by balls relentlessly until he dies, it’s the shock factor more than anything on the first viewing.

The Burning of the Versailles Witch

Executed: Celestia Ludenberg

This is a great execution, one fitting a character such as Celeste. She wanted to go out in a regal way, so she gets burned at the stake, and she’s clearly happy about it. But then despair hits like a firetruck, no? The impact of the hope and the despair killing her off works really well for this.

The Ultimate Punishment

Executed: Junko Enoshima

Sometimes, I wonder just how Junko survived literally everything thrown at her, but then at least she gets crushed. Honestly, some part of me was expecting her to have survived even that, so that just goes to show. Some may call it cheating, having the execution that features all of the executions near the top, but sue me!

Actually don’t sue me, I’m broke.

After School Lesson

Executed: Kyoko Kirigiri (bad end) / Makoto Naegi (survived)

Of course, in the anime, only Makoto was chosen as the blackened. However in the game, if you chose to call out Kyoko, it triggers the bad end where she is executed, and thus a reverse harem is born. If you stay quiet, Makoto is chosen to be executed, but he is saved by Alter Ego, who stops the execution.

The main reason why this is top is not only because of the duality of the executions, but you gotta admit knowing you’re slowly on your way to getting crushed is some scary shit! Even the panicked expressions of Makoto and even the usually-stoic Kyoko give it away.

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