My Current Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers

I’ve had plenty of villagers come and go from my island of Laranjeira, but today I want to give you an insight into my ten current residents!

Not all of them I am ready to keep permanently, but most of these are specifically going to be long-term residents now!


Twiggy is actually the only true original left, as Sydney did leave but I had her return. Twiggy is one that both myself and my boyfriend really like, and while I would have traded her out for a different peppy villager, I feel that Twiggy perfectly represents the peppy personality for me. I actually love the standard peppy house, and I feel that it suits her better than her regular house does.


Chief was a labour of love, and that’s because he was originally a campsite visitor. I didn’t realise there was a trick to be able to swap which villager he wants to kick out, and at the time I didn’t like his choice. I found him eventually on a Mystery Tour, and he’s still with us to this day. He’s not leaving. Ever.


Fauna is one I took for cuteness factor alone, and I’m really happy that I did. Her voice, as well as the normal villager mannerisms and her catchphrase ‘dearie’ make her such a cute, soft package.


It took me literally months to find this guy, and I was so happy when I found him that I actually cried. He’s been the ultimate dreamie for me since I found out that it was him that shared my birthday. I never realised how popular he is, but he’s so cute!


Marshal is utterly adorable, and I do like the squirrel villagers in general, but Marshal just holds his own. He’s one of the most popular villagers for a reason, usually battling with Raymond for the top spot on the Animal Crossing Portal. He’s just so cute when he sings, though.


Raymond is probably a villager that can be sent off to a good home, as while I do like him, he doesn’t hold a candle to Marshal, in my opinion. Raymond is pretty cool, and I like that he was my first cat villager that I’ve had. I just prefer Marshal to be my token smug villager, that’s all.


Sydney is the only villager that I’ve had leave but then I decided to bring back. She’s definitely one of my favourites on the island, and in general, and I’m so glad to have her return. She actually returned the day before her birthday, so that was a fun experience. I do plan on cosplaying Sydney in the future, actually.


Willow has to be my favourite of the snooty villagers. That’s mostly down to her pink and yellow colour scheme, as well as her gentle-looking appearance. I think she’s utterly adorable, and one of the best sheep to boot.


I mentioned before that Phoebe was one that I regretted turning down before, but she arrived on my campsite one day and replaced Judy. Now I hadn’t had a sisterly villager since Pashmina a long time ago, but Phoebe is the best of that personality, and she just warms my heart – literally, she has a lava house. It’s pretty awesome.


Poppy is the most recent of the villagers to have moved in, after a failed hunt for Ozzie. It became a free-for-all, and she was there and just so adorable, I had to take her (it was also approaching 1am and I was exhausted). But she is really cute, and I love her autumn-themed interior!

4 thoughts on “My Current Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers

    1. Oh yes! You can try your luck on the Mystery Tours when you have a free space, or you can get Amiibo cards for specific villagers (excluding the newest additions). Honestly, I recommend keeping the ones you really love on your island!

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