Naruto Shippuden Reviews – Part 7

This was a journey, indeed. We’re just over half-way through the Shippuden anime (not including fillers), and we’ve come to one of the more defining points in the series’ chronology. The Five Kage Summit arc spans from episodes 197 – 214.

We should have had more time with the second opening theme for this arc, Lovers, as it would have set up the scene perfectly and been more in alignment with the arc. Diver was good but overplayed at this point.

In terms of the story, though, this arc is definitely where the anime starts to slowly take a downward shift, and that starts with who the fuck’s decision was it for Danzo to be interim Hokage? Fucking…why? I mean, Tsunade’s in a coma, not dead – at least hire someone competent.

It was those two elders, wasn’t it? Twats.

Also how brazen of Cloud ninja to just waltz into the village and beat the living shit out of Naruto because he wouldn’t talk about Sasuke. And Naruto just stood there and took it like a bitch because of his ‘bond’ with Sasuke.

There are so many things wrong with this that I alluded to in earlier discussions. But basically, Karui gets the ‘angry black woman’ treatment here and it doesn’t age well, especially in today’s society where we’ve had Black Lives Matter protests aplenty.

Oh yeah, later on I tend to forget B’s battle with Kisame because it’s so forgettable, that after watching it I straight-up forgot it happened.

The Kage Summit seems to be such a volatile meeting that it has to take place on neutral samurai grounds, the Land of Iron. It makes sense, considering the Raikage’s anger management issues and the general distrust among the Kage – of course nobody trusts Danzo, but who would?

But then Sasuke and Co break in and cause havoc, and the ensuing fight scenes are lackluster. The most that happens is that the Raikage loses an arm, Suigetsu and Juugo get caught out and Gaara attempts Naruto’s true speciality, the Talk no Jutsu, but fails.

Danzo, on the other hand, flees like an absolute coward while Tobi declares the Fourth Great Ninja War, and essentially forces the villagers to unite against the Akatsuki.

Basically, Tobi is a peacekeeper, pass it on.

Meanwhile Tobi puts all fingers in all the pies and hunts down a depressed Naruto, having failed in his Talk no Jutsu against the Raikage earlier.

Seriously what is it with these guys and the Talk no Jutsu?

Of course Tobi spills the beans and leaves, and then Sakura and Co chase him down. Sakura (very unconvincingly) confesses her love for Naruto. I’m not being funny, but if your justification for loving someone is because the other person who you used to love has turned into an asshat, then that’s pretty fucking weak, and it’s no wonder Naruto didn’t believe the lies.

And of course, Gaara attempts the Talk no Jutsu on Naruto, but it’s like that one scene from the Half-Blood Prince – ‘You dare use my own spells against me, Potter?’. Of course it doesn’t work! You know, as much as Gaara is my favourite Naruto character, sometimes it’s best not to talk and use action. Like you did in part 1 (apart from all the murder and insanity and stuff).

I daresay that after Danzo’s arm reveal that it seems that this series heavily relies on people wanting to mutilate each other and themselves for other people’s eyeballs. It’s a bit creepy, in that regard. Basically the Uchiha clan kinda get off on the body mutilation thing, I dunno. They’re practically inbred anyway.

Speaking of the insanity earlier, Sasuke goes batshit insane and has that typical bad guy laugh where everyone just watches him and doesn’t attack him or…anything. However, the resolution of these scenes takes place in the next arc. There’s no fillers between this and the next arc, so we’re good to continue as we were.

In regards to what Ao said about Sasuke having taken down Zabuza and Haku, this is what I was saying before about Sasuke getting credit for a lot of the battles he was involved in. I want to say that Sasuke was literally passed out and presumed dead while Haku and Zabuza were out getting killed. Just saying. It also rings true for this battle with Danzo. Let’s start right from the beginning:

  • Kakashi killed Haku.
  • Gato’s henchmen killed Zabuza.
  • Deidara blew himself up.
  • Itachi died from his illness.
  • Danzo offed himself to try and kill Sasuke and Tobi.

Next they’ll all say that he killed someone like Yahiko (yeah I’m aware Sasuke wasn’t even born in that time but still) I’m fucking done.

Altogether though, the only fight that was impactful in the slightest was the Sasuke vs Danzo one. The others just seemed really tame, and didn’t have a fitting conclusion. Plus, now we can say for certain that Sasuke takes credit for a lot of kills that others have done.

Next time, we’ll have the preparations for the war, but not including the boat fillers because they dragged on too much.

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