Top 10 Ghost-Type Shinies

This and the previous Ghost-type post would have been great for Halloween, but it’s July. Therefore, we have to suck it up. Here are my picks for Ghost-type shinies! These are killer shinies!



Shiny Mismagius is a complete boss. It’s yellow. You know my stance on yellow shinies by now. It’s so bright and vibrant, yet I can’t take my eyes away from it.



The same point I made for Mismagius applies here to Sableye. It looks more devilish to me in yellow/gold, somehow. Mega Sableye’s shiny is great too, but simplicity is key here.



I think, for my good friend Tim, shiny Dhelmise looks to make a more promising case for it to be part-Steel-type. The seaweed looks more like dripping blood, which is a bit visceral for the Pokemon franchise, but I think it also looks like a great contender for a Ghost/Steel-type, like my next entry.



I love the black body with the yellowing shield and red accent. Just everything about shiny Aegislash is aesthetically pleasing for me. There are no words to describe how great it is (except the ones that I’m writing out right now, of course).



Fun fact: Giratina is actually my favourite shiny Legendary. While I love the Origin Forme Giratina the best, I think that its shiny colouration looks better on the Altered Forme. I love the flesh colour with the grey and blue accents, along with its black wings and face. It’s beautiful to look at, that’s for certain.



Out of all of its evolution line, I feel that Duskull carries its red colour the best. I mean, shiny Dusclops is okay, and Dusknoir is horrible. I feel that, like with Sableye, simplicity is key, and it matters here.

Mega Banette


Mega Banette’s turquoise colouring, along with the pink and yellow accents, is an absolute dream. I wouldn’t be able to stop staring at it.



I think the entire colour scheme on shiny Dragapult is great, although not one of my favourites and not normally would be on this list. However, it made the list because the Dreepy that are accompanying it is also shiny. I have to say I prefer shiny Dreepy, so having two, as well as a decent shiny in Dragapult, serves to help its case.



It’s, once again, the muted colours that sold me on Cofagrigus, with the added splash of pink/purple on the sarcophagus. It’s great and sinister!



It’s so goddamn cute, and once again there are subtle red features in terms of the few leaves that are on Phantump’s head (and you know what I said about Grass-type shinies becoming autumnal). I love the muted grey head as well, though.

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