Top 10 Ghost-Types

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! Which is why I’m going through my picks for the Top 10 Ghost-types that make Halloween scary again!

10. Cursola


Cursola really takes a different form of Corsola and builds on it really well. I mean, it literally breaks out of its original body and expands. Its Perish Body Ability is disgusting though, but hilarious at the same time.

9. Spiritomb


I’d definitely like to see Spiritomb appear in more games in the future. It’s the perfect menacing ghost, in my opinion, as well as its only weakness being Fairy. It got Wondertombed a lot prior to Gen 6. That way, it’d only be able to be hit with status-inflicting moves such as Toxic or Will-o-Wisp.

8. Mismagius


As someone who’s not a fan of GBL by any means, I loved using Mismagius in Great League. It can definitely hold its own against a Registeel, that’s for certain! It improves drastically on the off-putting Misdreavus, and it looks amazing.

7. Gengar


Gengar is supremely the OG Ghost-type. I think about a Ghost-type, and more often than not, I think of Gengar. It was great being able to use one in my Let’s Go playthrough, and to think its Gigantamax form makes it look like a scary funhouse.

6. Aegislash


I don’t know what it is about Aegislash, but it just oozes awesome – even with that 20-point stat nerf. With Stance Change coupled with King’s Shield, you can play Aegislash in any way you want to. But I think the design in particular is perfect for the concept.

5. Drifblim


Drifblim is a monster when you have the Aftermath Ability on it. There’s also the added bonuses of its Pokedex entries and lore, along with its amazing cry. I love shiny Drifblim (maybe not as much as Drifloon, but still).

4. Giratina


Hot take: I like both Origin and Altered Formes equally. The only differences between them is the attack power, defensive capabilities and the appearances. But it’s definitely more menacing in its Origin Forme, I give it that.

3. Chandelure


Chandelure is my favourite Unova Pokemon by far and was one of my MVPs in my Shield Nuzlocke. For it being a Pokemon based on an inanimate object, Chandelure does it completely right, I can guarantee it. I always had a soft spot for Chandelure, even before I used one properly for the first time.

2. Mimikyu


Mimikyu is a Pokemon that took the community by storm when it was first revealed as a pseudo-Pikachu-clone. It even has its own song about how it just wants to be loved – and it ended up ranking higher than Pikachu on Pokemon of the Year 2020, so the marketing campaign worked. But I like it for its eerieness and its Disguise Ability pre-Gen 8.

1. Dragapult


Dragapult has to be right up there, as it’s my favourite pseudo-legendary and second-favourite Galar Pokemon. I like the idea of it using Dreepy as its missiles, complimenting its signature move Dragon Darts. Not only that, but Dragapult is also expected to hit hard and fast with its impressive Speed and Attack stats.

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