My Favourite K.K. Slider Songs

In the eternal rabbit hole that is Animal Crossing, there’s one celebrated visitor that we just allow to waltz around naked whenever he pleases. That is because he is the legendary K.K. Slider, who performs a variety of tunes to keep us entertained. And there are loads which are really good, but there are ten in particular that stand out to me.

K. K. Metal

We’re starting off with such an iconic banger, and I love me some metal any time of the day. I especially love hearing the villagers and K.K. himself tackle this monstrosity of a song once it gets to the fast part! I mean, check out Diva for yourself!

Steep Hill

This is one of those I usually enjoyed hearing in the background, and now I actually have it constantly playing in my house. I love the slower variant of the live performance though, and I find that it kinda fits the mood a bit better. It’s an underrated song, I have to say.

Bubblegum K.K.

This is such an iconic song, and I can safely say that it’s one of my favourites, both in aircheck form and K.K. performance. It reminds me of Twiggy, who is one of my last OG villagers (the last if you don’t count Sydney’s return), and she has this playing in her home. It’s a cutesy song that also translates really well in live performances.

K.K. Ska

I’m low-key a big fan of ska music, so this really hits well for me. It truly has that ska feel that I love in bands such as Madness, The Bodysnatchers and The Specials. The aircheck really brings out the ska vibes, although it’s very subtle in K.K.’s performance. I can tell that this song is influenced by the 2 Tone Ska revival of the late 70’s and early 80’s, and I live for that!

K.K. Jongara

I have this permanently playing in my outdoor cosy area (it basically has a campfire, seats, a little picnic area and it’s one of my favourite spots), and now I have villagers singing this song in random areas of the island. Seriously, I’ve had Chief, Marshal and Judy serenading the ice cream lamps with this song before. Check my old boys killing it (forget my Joy Con drift)!

I miss Ozzie so much…

K.K. Rock

It’s not the typical fast-pace that we like to see here, but I really enjoy the slow burn. It does remind me of Apollo, who has this playing in his garage bar-themed house, and it works so well with the atmosphere. I’m a lover of rock music in general, so this hits so well for me, as expected.

Stale Cupcakes

This is one of the first songs I fell in love with when first playing. It’s got such a sad atmosphere behind it, and it’s really emotional. It’s definitely one that you’d have playing on a rainy day while you’re looking out of the window all mopey and stuff. You know, the good life! Plus I love how simple the album cover for it looks!

Welcome Horizons

This song is literally the introduction to New Horizons, and I feel it on a spiritual level, as it’s the first Animal Crossing game I’ve ever played. It just feels so wholesome and welcoming, especially recognising it when K.K. started playing it on his debut on Laranjeira.

K.K. Steppe

I feel like I’ve been thrust into Russia with this one, and I love these kind of gimmicky songs that represent different countries and themes. This is probably one of the best for me, because you can hear straight away that it’s Russian inspired. To be fair, Comrade K.K. has the same theme, but I do prefer the sound of Steppe.

K.K. Birthday

This is a birthday song, and the cover features Tangy, as well as cake. What more could you want? And to think K.K. performs this specifically for your birthday is pretty cool. The song in general feels really magical and celebratory.

It’s a shame I have to wait until February for my time to shine, but still…

What are your favourite K.K. Slider songs? Let me know in the comments section below!

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