Top 10 Bug-Type Shinies

Am I bugging you yet? No? Good. Here are my top shiny picks for the ever-weak Bug-type.



It’s a really simple shift from red to blue while keeping the body the same. Good job, Shuckle! Just don’t fuckle with him.



I think all of the colours on Mothim work really well together – the yellow wings, the black body along with the blue and white accents makes Mothim the best of a bad bunch (I mean come on, it evolves from goddamn Burmy). I mean yes, the black and white parts stayed the same but still, it works so well.



Skorupi’s change to red is so drastic, it’s a shame that it loses the nice colouration upon evolution to Drapion. It’s nice to see such a deep red shiny, for what it’s worth.



I love the change to the yellow accents while keeping everything else pretty much the same. The change from purple to yellow helps to enhance the blue and black on Illumise and doesn’t detract or clash.



Red-to-blue shinies always rock, and Yanma is no exception. That’s all I really have to say on the matter.



Venonat has a lovely shiny, and I’m still bummed out that I didn’t get one during the Throwback Challenge. It was a shame, but at the end of the day, I can look at a picture of a shiny Venonat all I want.



Parasect looks quite washed-out here, and it works well for it, in comparison to its normal colouring. I like both.



Y’all know that I don’t particularly care for blue-to-pink shinies, but Heracross looks adorable in pink, and you can’t tell me otherwise.



I definitely prefer shiny Anorith to Armaldo, because I think the cream colour tends to suit it better than the pink that Armaldo sports. It’s a simple shift that works.



I love the deeper coloured accents that we see on Galvantula here, and it works well to help it stand out more as a shiny. That’s where Joltik lacks, in my opinion. Galvantula just looks different, strangely enough, despite there not being many changes.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Bug-Type Shinies

  1. Tim

    *reading through list* Oh good. I love (or at the very least am okay with) most of these shinies. What a lovely list.

    *sees Anorith*

    *lights computer on fire*


    1. thatlittlelola

      I had to laugh!

      Honestly though I do prefer Anorith’s shiny to Armaldo’s. I dunno, just something about shiny Anorith…


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