Making New Pokemon From Unique Type Combinations – Part 2


Hey! This is part 2 of my creating a Pokemon thing that I’m doing. I might do a post where I re-type existing Pokemon, but today we’re still making new Pokemon!

Again, this post is in collaboration with my good friend Tim, over at That Tiny Website! His first post can be found there, and his second post is live here!

This post is also really special, as this is the 300th post to go live on my blog! I’m amazed with how far I’ve come, and the support I’ve built over the course of the last two years! Thank you so much!


Original Pokemon: Sandile, Krokorok & Krookodile

New Pokemon: Pharameow

I took inspiration from Delta Lucario from Insurgence for this admittedly, but I settled on a feline Pokemon based on a Pharaoh from ancient Egypt. As cats were worshipped by the ancient Egyptians, it was only fitting. This cat will be more bulky, as it guards the pyramids from thieves. Its Abilities are Forewarn and Magic Bounce, while its Hidden Ability is Sand Force.


Original Pokemon: Snom & Frosmoth

New Pokemon: Icepy

Icepy is an icy spider, hence the amalgamation of the words to form ‘Icepy’, which is pronounced like the ‘I Spy’ game. It’ll probably have a similar body structure to Ariados and Galvantula, but I can imagine its legs being made of ice crystals. Its Ability will be Frozen Fangs, where any Physical attack made by it will have a chance of freezing the opponent.


Original Pokemon: Mega Altaria

New Pokemon: Hakufae

 Hakufae would be the final-stage of a pseudo-legendary evolution line, taking on the form of a pure white long dragon (with a light pink underbelly and other accents). It combines ‘haku’ for white, and ‘fae’ is another word for ‘fairy’.

Its Abilities would be Pixilate and Fur Coat, and its Hidden Ability be Draconic Surge, where the power of Ice- and Fairy-type moves is reduced.


Original Pokemon: Lileep & Cradily

New Pokemon: Boulderdash

Yes, this is named after a Crash Bandicoot level, for sure. But I can see this Pokemon being based on a mossy boulder. It could well be a branched evolution of Kantonian Graveler. It’d have Rock Head and Sturdy as its main Abilities, with Grassy Surge as its Hidden Ability.


Original Pokemon: Alolan Raichu

New Pokemon: Celespark

This Pokemon would be inspired by the Meditite line, with its meditating pose, being hoised up by its electric currents. Its accents would be based on stars and constellations, hence its name. Its only Ability will be Levitate.


Original Pokemon: Amaura & Aurorus

New Pokemon: Alchemice

The icy body of Alchemice protects its rock which is its life. If the rock is removed or destroyed, it dies. It’ll be based on a completely iced-over penguin with a glowing red stone in its core. Its Abilities are Ice Body and Refrigerate, while its Hidden Ability is Filter, which will inevitable reduce that 4x Fighting weakness.


Original Pokemon: Heatran

New Pokemon: Mistapig

Mistapig has a funny origin if I say so myself. In Campo Pequeno (in Lisbon, duh), there’s a stall that sells whole hogs. It had a picture of a cooked pig on a spit, and the stall was called Misterpig. I always thought of The Lion King when I saw this because it reminded me of that one Pumbaa scene. I bastardised the name of the stall to align it more with the Portuguese word for ‘mixed’. It’s bulky, not that fast, but hits like a truck. It’s not on a spit, but it’s a burning pig with steely tusks. What more could you ask for?

Its Ability is Gluttony, and its Hidden Ability is Guts. Perfect for a big pig! Admittedly this section made me very hungry.


Original Pokemon: Mimikyu

New Pokemon: Aromatisse (regional variant)

Aromatisse, in general, is based on a can-can dancer that became a plague doctor (see this video by HoopsandHipHop for an explanation of the origins). With that in mind, I was reminded of the story of the dating sim visual novel The Arcana. Spoilers ahead, but your main character became a plague doctor apprentice in their back-story, before dying of the plague, then was brought back to life while losing their memories.

With that in mind, regional variant Aromatisse would be longer, and have a more ghostly appearance (I would say something like this but with the standard Aromatisse beak). 

Its only Ability is Revival, where each turn, it has a chance to be revived up to half health when fainted.


Original Pokemon: Galarian Zen Mode Darmanitan

New Pokemon: Shoyuki

Let’s get our anime brains on and think – what anime character can wield both ice and fire? Todoroki from MHA, of course! So let’s go with that, and let’s imagine a monkey which is split completely in the middle – one half is ice, the other is fire. Great.

It’s main Ability is Flash Fire, where its Hidden Ability is Duality, which activates if a dual-type Pokemon uses a STAB move – the move will effectively be both of its types. Therefore Shoyuki’s Flamethrower would deal both Fire- and Ice-type damage.


Original Pokemon: Rotom Mow

New Pokemon: Gelshock

Gelshock is based on the Gelsemium plant, which has been said to be able to paralyse you. Turn it into a Pokemon that looks like the gelsemium, but give it extra Electric-type protrusions and some eyes, you got yourself a Pokemon!

Its only Ability is Static.


Original Pokemon: Impidimp, Morgrem & Grimmsnarl

New Pokemon: Sableye (regional variant)

This idea came to me when watching this particular episode of Ace Trainer Liam’s Emerald Nuzlocke. I began thinking about what Sableye would look like if it was part-Fairy. While it will be reminiscent of the Impidimp line, I think that changing Sableye’s colour to pale pink, while also enlarging the gems on its back and changing their colour to the corresponding game’s colours would work well for it. Its primary Ability would be Prankster while converting Magic Bounce to its Hidden Ability.


Original Pokemon: Drampa

New Pokemon: Dunslither

Dunslither is the long-awaited evolution for Dunsparce, a very forgettable Pokemon. I decided that this would be the natural transition into a Normal/Dragon evolution, and it’s pretty simple really. It will gain a sharp increase in its Speed stat, while a gentle increase in the others. Its Abilities are all going to be the same as Dunsparce – Serene Grace or Run Away, with Rattled as a Hidden Ability.


Original Pokemon: Tyrunt + Tyrantrum

New Pokemon: Druddigon (regional variant)

Druddigon’s very forgettable and doesn’t seem to impress the fanbase. I always thought by its design and locations that it lives in that it could have the potential to be a Rock/Dragon Pokemon. Change its colour scheme to be mossier and, with the spikes protruding from its arms and legs be crystallised, including its face – this is just the male form. The female form would be more muted, being able to camouflage better (just like the common agama that it is based on).

Druddigon will get a pre-evolution, Babidrag, which will evolve into Druddigon at level 29. It will feature the same type combination of Rock/Dragon.


Original Pokemon: Carbink & Diancie

New Pokemon: Mudandoze

This was quite a fun one to come up with, and it won’t be great in battle. But its gimmick is the reason why you’d want to send this out into battle at least once a month. The clue is in the name – its first part comes from the Portuguese word ‘mudança’ for ‘change’, and ‘doze’ is twelve. Its Ability is Gem Change, where basically each month, Mudandoze will change into the corresponding birthstone gem – for example, in February, it will be in Amethyst form.


Original Pokemon: Galarian Slowbro

New Pokemon: Intoxia

I discussed Intoxia in my ‘Unused Type Combinations‘ post, and now that the Poison/Psychic type combinations had been given to Galarian Slowbro, I thought it was fitting to include it here. I’ll refresh you on the concept of Intoxia – it is based on port, an alcoholic drink that Portugal is known for. The cork wrapping around it represents cork, one of Portugal’s biggest exports, as well as a token material to use for crafting souvenirs in the touristy areas.

I’ve kept everything about Intoxia the same, so its main Ability is Cork Wrap, which makes it immune to Fire-type attacks unless it has been hit – then subsequent Fire-type attacks become super-effective. This is because cork in its main form is a fire retardant, while cork dust is extremely flammable. Its Hidden Ability is Effect Spore, which references the effects of alcohol.

5 comments on “Making New Pokemon From Unique Type Combinations – Part 2”

  1. Frozen Fangs is going to be so broken and I immediately love it. I also quite like the regional variant of Druddigon, particularly because it’s kind of a forgettable Pokemon as it currently stands.


    1. Even when talking about forgettable Pokemon I always forget about Druddigon, so I wanted to give it some of the attention that it deserves. I almost didn’t include Intoxia in here because it was on another post, but I had to address the type combination at the very least.


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