Top 10 Bug-Types

Now, I have to preface by saying that I don’t often use Bug-types as much as other Pokemon, purely because I’ve never usually been too fond of them, barring some exceptions. Now these are the Bug-types that have gone above and beyond for me, shaping the way I feel about the type.

Now here are my ten favourites!

10. Crustle


Crustle is based on a hermit crab, of which I absolutely adore. I’m always fascinated with hermit crabs – I mean, you can’t look at this thing and recoil in disgust. However, it’s a bit strange without its rock.

9. Paras


Paras, to me, was strangely cute when I had one in my LeafGreen playthrough (until it evolved into Parasect and I boxed it). Seeing Paras, being based on a cicada nymph, reminds me of the hot summer days in Lisbon, where you’d hear the cicadas in the trees. But I just like Paras, that’s simple.

8. Scizor


Scizor is a beast, and it looks like a definite upgrade from Scyther. It’s a shame about that 4x weakness to Fire, but at least that’s its only weakness I suppose. And up until Gen 5, it had ten resistances (reminder that Dark- and Ghost-types were resisted by Steel at that point). I’m just more impressed by its huge Attack stat coupled with its Technician Ability to compensate for its weaker moves that it has.

7. Joltik


Joltik is so adorable! I mean, that’s all I really have to say on the matter. It’s on this list for cuteness alone. It helps that it evolves into Galvantula, but still.

6. Leavanny


It’s a shame I’ve not been able to use a Leavanny yet, because I love its design. It’s a really strong Pokemon, as long as it’s not left to the mercy of Fire- and Flying-types, of course.

5. Ribombee


Ribombee is so cute and terrifying at the same time. I remember having issues with this thing when it became a Totem Pokemon in Ultra Sun. I’ll go out and say it was more difficult for me than Ultra Necrozma. There, I said it (that may have been down to it being able to summon Blissey of all things).

4. Frosmoth


Frosmoth looks really frail (and honestly, it is), but it’s so elegant and a great way to show off the Ice/Bug type combination. Its Hidden Ability, Ice Scales, helps with boosting the Special Defense somewhat, and even Shield Dust helps its staying power by nullifying the additional effects of damaging moves.

3. Charjabug


Forget Vikavolt, I just want to keep Charjabug around for longer. I previously mentioned that I didn’t resonate with Vikavolt as much as I did Charjabug, only because I used Charjabug for a long period of time in my Ultra Sun playthrough. It’s a gimmicky little battery bus, but that design along with its accordion-sounding cry makes it a solid bug for me.

2. Orbeetle


I haven’t had the opportunity to use Orbeetle in a playthrough, but I’m aware of how awesome it is. In particular, I love its Gigantamax form, where it takes its UFO inspiration to the next level. I luckily managed to get a 6IV GMax Orbeetle with Telepathy, which I’ve been using for various Max Raid battles.

1. Centiskorch


The amount of time I’ve spent with Centiskorch in Sword, especially in terms of using its Flame Body Ability to help hatch eggs, has cemented its spot on top of this list. I love how it becomes even longer in its Gigantamax form as well. It’s already been highlighted in my Top 10 Fire-Type Pokemon post earlier in May.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Bug-Types

  1. Tim

    Paras! I love me some Paras. It’s the only Pokemon on my work desk (both when I was at work and while working from home). Also, your #4-#9 looks surprisingly like my top 5.


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