Top 10 Poison-Type Shinies

The Poison-type has some amazing quality shinies, it’s unreal! And I want to go through my ten favourites from the type, in no particular order!

Mega Gengar / Gigantamax Gengar

94-1 94-gmax

This is what shiny Gengar should always have been! Instead of the barely-changed look, for the Mega Evolution, we got white with pink accents, and it looks amazing and truly ghastly (pun-intentional!). I also love how it was carried over to the Gigantamax form. I still love how GMax Gengar looks like a funhouse though.



I love the white body with black and pink detailing. It’s just majestic and elegant, and I really want to shiny hunt for a female Salandit right about now. The white looks a lot better than it should on this, not gonna lie.



I’m so happy that Arbok evolved from the green Ekans into a golden yellow colour because it just looks so damn good. I was happy to get a shiny Ekans in Pokemon Go, purely so that I could have the shiny Arbok later down the line.



I love the subtle change to Roserade, opting to change its roses to purple and black, which I feel makes it look more like a Poison-type if that makes sense. There’s a bit of bias too, as Roserade is one of my favourite Pokemon of all time.



The pink colouring on Crobat is a far cry from the green that Zubat and Golbat sported. While I like both colourations (and Golbat has a special place in my heart due to it being my first-ever shiny), I prefer the pink on Crobat. No matter what, either Golbat or Crobat would have made this list.



Shiny Toxapex is fun, and looks great in pink! I mean, I love Toxapex for its tanky uses in my Poison team, but its shiny is a great bonus. It’s a great pink shiny that doesn’t follow the trend of Water-type purple/pink shinies (thank the Hoenn region for that trend).



While I have Galarian Weezing on my Poison team, and it literally looks like shit. So here is Kantonian Weezing, which carries on the colour scheme of Koffing, and it works so well. I especially love the purple puffs of smoke – it makes it look more toxic than before.



It’d be cruel not to mention this Pokemon (get it?). Shiny Tentacruel’s green orbs and flesh-coloured tentacles make it feel a lot more natural-looking in my opinion. I don’t feel uneasy looking at it. I guess it helps that I had one in Let’s Go.



I always feel that the general colour palette for Nidoking and Nidoqueen should be swapped for their final evolutions (Nidoqueen missed the memo). But Nidoking is lovely in blue, I think the colour suits it far better than even the normal colouring.



I find Dragalge underrated. I’ve probably mentioned before that I really like its design, and its shiny form, like with Roserade, still makes it look like a Poison-type, but also something that was previously a Water-type.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Poison-Type Shinies

  1. Tim

    I completely forgot what Dragalgae’s shiny looked like until now. It’s…interesting? I still don’t know how I feel about it.


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