Top 10 Poison-Types

These lists are starting to get infectious, so let’s dive into it – my list of my ten favourite Poison-types.

Side note: all of my shiny Poison-type themed team is on this list!

10. Gengar


Gengar is a classic fan favourite, and it’s just a shame it lost its Levitate Ability in favour of Cursed Body – I mean, the latter Ability is disgusting on the battlefield, but Levitate gave it extra protection against otherwise super-effective Ground-type moves. I used Gengar for my Let’s Go playthrough and it was so effective (although I used it primarily as a Ghost-type attacker). Shame about its shiny form though.

9. Galarian Weezing


I really like Galarian Weezing for its functionality on the field. However, even though it’s part-Fairy, the only Fairy move you need on it is Strange Steam – after all, a 20% chance of confusing the target is better than a terrible 40-power move like Fairy Wind. Honestly though, I just love its design, that it’s based on gentlemen wearing top hats, alongside chimney stacks spouting fumes, referencing the industrial aspect of British culture.

8. Dragalge


It’s hard to fully pinpoint why I like Dragalge so much, and I think a lot of it has to come from its design. I’d only seen a sea dragon for the first time a couple of years ago, and it was then that I appreciated the design of Dragalge a lot more than before.

7. Crobat


My good friend Steve has Crobat as one of his favourites, and I can agree, mainly for that reason, and also the shiny form is great. I like how it’s a great Pokemon that came from something so annoying. Thanks Zubat!

6. Nihilego


I’ve mentioned before that Nihilego is my favourite of the Ultra Beasts, mainly because of its design and its influence in the Alola stories. It’s actually quite eerie to see Pokemon possessing humans, as eluded to in the Pokedex entries, but to see it happen in the game – beautiful!

5. Nidoking


Nidoking was another champion that I used for my Let’s Go playthrough, as both my efficient Poison- and Ground-type attacker. I love the type combination, but it was a shame that it learned most of its effective moveset through TMs. I was excited to see its return announced in the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass, because then I can obviously shiny hunt for it!

4. Toxapex


Toxapex is great for stalling and regeneration. I remember one match in the Battle Tower where it was up against a Glalie that was also using stall tactics. That was painful, but Toxapex isn’t used for attacking, which makes it hard to use in a normal playthrough, but I enjoyed using it to inflict poison on opponents and then just protecting and healing afterwards.

3. Toxicroak


Toxicroak is awesome – it’s a bloody frog, and I love frogs, especially poison dart frogs! I do think I find its shiny form even more exquisite, though. It’s a little fragile, and that won’t cover its 4x weakness to Psychic, but a lot of things we like have a 4x weakness (see today’s top spot for this).

2. Roserade


It helped that Budew was such an early, easy pick in Diamond, and after having raised a Budew all the way up to Roserade, the payoff was immense. Poison Point was a godsend at the time, crippling enemies, and Roserade was made sweeter with it being so viable in Pokemon Go as both a Grass-type and Poison-type attacker.

1. Toxtricity


Of course, Toxtricity had to take the top spot on this list. I hadn’t enjoyed using a Poison-type Pokemon as much as this since having used Roserade in Diamond. I saw Ace Trainer Liam using one in his initial Sword playthrough and I wasn’t too sure about it, honestly. But then I started using one of my own, and it was so worth it! It’s now a part of my Poison-type themed team.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Poison-Types

  1. Tim

    I do enjoy Crobat. I’m fairly certain my toddler’s favorite Pokemon is Zubat, so that evolution line might be around me more now.


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