Making Galar Gyms – Normal

Hey guys! After creating my very own Galar Gym, I wanted to take a look at the different types that were unused for Gyms. I liked the idea of having a minor league, and different Gyms depending.

Currently there are ten different types that were represented in Galar Gyms, considering that two of the Gyms were interchangeable depending on version. As Avery and Klara weren’t considered Gym Leaders, they had their specific teams. However, I will include both Poison and Psychic types in this series.

Today, I will cover the Normal-type! These Gyms will follow the same rules as my Sound-based Gym. With these Gyms, I will be including Pokemon found in the Isle of Armor as well.


The idea of the first Pokemon being an annoying infatuation staller really sits well with me, and Lopunny nicely fits the bill for this purpose. The Mago Berry fits Lopunny for it being of a Jolly nature.

Ability: Cute Charm

Item: Mago Berry

Moves: Bounce, Agility, Flatter, Headbutt


Dubwool would be great in terms of setting up a soul-destroying play. The Chople Berry ended up on Dubwool because of its only weakness being Fighting-type, and I wanted to bulk up Dubwool some more. The main play would be to Cotton Guard a couple of times before using Body Press, which uses the attacker’s Defense stat for the power.

Ability: Fluffy

Item: Chople Berry

Moves: Cotton Guard, Take Down, Body Press, Zen Headbutt


Blissey is supposed to be the annoying staller, with only one attacking move, but making up by disrupting the attacks by using Sing, as well as healing up with both Soft-Boiled and the Leftovers, with using Light Screen for added bulk.

Ability: Serene Grace

Item: Leftovers

Moves: Soft-Boiled, Light Screen, Sing, Take Down


I want to utilise the great Special offenses of male Indeedee, initally setting up with Calm Mind, before unleashing hell on Earth with its moveset. The Petaya Berry is there to further increase the Special Attack when in a pinch!

Ability: Synchronize

Item: Petaya Berry

Moves: Psychic, Calm Mind, Hyper Voice, Dazzling Gleam


Bewear is going to be the brute force of the team. Everything else is there for trolling, basically, but Bewear is going to be the Pokemon that’ll unleash everything.

Ability: Fluffy

Item: Payapa Berry

Moves: Hammer Arm, Strength, Brutal Swing, Giga Impact


Eevee is here because we need a Gigantamax Pokemon, and Eevee is the only Normal-type aside from Meowth that can do this. Because the Meowth that can do this isn’t native to Galar, and because of Eevee’s crippling G-Max Cuddle,

Ability: Adaptability

Item: Normal Gem

Moves: Charm, Take Down, Swift, Stored Power

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