Top 10 Flying-Type Shinies

I’ve just realised that we’re now past the halfway point in terms of both of our top 10 lists! It’s been an interesting ride, and we’ll carry on with my ten favourite Flying-type shinies. Again, this post is in no particular order.



Honchkrow has an amazing pink shiny – but shiny Murkrow infuriates me. I ended up with a good chunk of shiny Murkrow in Pokemon Go (although it’s not the worst culprit by far).



Drifloon is a pretty yellow, and the blue accents make it so much nicer than it already is. I think Drifloon just doesn’t appeal to me as much, but shiny Drifloon is just wonderful. I think it’s down to how cute Drifloon is, more than anything.



I love the light pink colour in general, and it works well with Farfetch’d. I wish that they’d done a similar colour change on shiny Galarian Farfetch’d, making it possibly a darker pink. But I love this, and it still makes Farfetch’d look fresh (and probably tasty).



As of writing, I currently have a shiny Salamence waiting for my good friend Steve to Lucky trade. It’s a great shiny! It’s green! It’s the sort of green shiny that Dragonite should have been if it had to be green, not gonna lie.



Shiny Doduo and Dodrio remind me of kiwi fruit, which is always a bonus in my books. I just have fond memories of riding a shiny Dodrio in Let’s Go, wishing there was a final evolution called Dodquad…



I love the stark change from blue to red on Lugia’s accented features. I appreciate that they kept the white part white, as it makes the red stand out even more. It proves that you don’t need a huge overhaul on the shiny colouration in order to make it work.



I love the blue on blue, it makes it cuter and more endearing. I mean, look at that face!



Taillow is green. It’s gorgeous. I love the green on the orange/red of the face. It’s nice on Swellow too, but the design of Taillow, in general, is better, so Taillow won this one.



I quite like the desaturated tones of shiny Fletchling, and I like that it keeps the colour scheme throughout its evolution line, I just prefer it on Fletchling.



I love the inversion of the black and white on Vivillon’s body while keeping the wings the same (as the wings are different depending on the location where the game started). It’s a simple change that freshens up the look of the Pokemon, and inverting the colours usually works for a quick shiny design.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Flying-Type Shinies

  1. Tim

    My three favorite shinies for Flying are all on this list (well…I’m counting Honchkrow and Murkrow together, but still). That said, I’m glad to see Dodrio’s shiny get some love. In a Gen where people either love or hate the shinies, it’s one of the few that no one seems to have an opinion about.


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