Making New Pokemon from Unique Type Combinations – Part 1


Hey guys! I’m here again to make even more Pokemon! However, this time it’s all to do with type combinations used by only one evolution line. 

There will be no Mega Evolutions allowed, due to no Megas being available in the most recent games, we must assume we’re working with the non-Mega timeline.

Regional variants to be used sparingly, we want some originality. Same goes for evolutions of existing Pokemon. I also included the Fighting/Flying combination because this was written before Galarian Zapdos’s type combination was announced. I decided to leave it in because I loved the concepts that I came up with.

Nidoking and Nidoqueen are counted due to the fact that if gender differences were in the original games, they would have been a branched evolution rather than counterparts. Carbink and Diancie have also been included, as Diancie is the result of a Carbink mutation rather than an evolution. There are some instances where there are two newly created Pokemon per entry, and that’s fine!

Because there are 54 unique type combinations, this will be split into parts. Also working with me on this post is my good friend, Tim, over at That Tiny Website! Check out his stuff!

My posts: Part 2

Tim’s posts: Part 1 / Part 2


Current Pokemon: Shedinja

New Pokemon: Crystasia

Crystasia is the Redemption Pokemon, and hey, its Ability will fit. It evolves from a withering cocoon and will look almost crystallised, ready for battle (I dunno, I was kinda feeling my Kennedy Davenport ‘after a long night of hookin’ fantasy there). It gains the Ability Rejuvenate, which when in a pinch, will automatically switch out and heal itself. This Ability will only work once per battle.

This Pokemon will be pretty fragile, but able to attack with an outstanding special attack stat.


Current Pokemon: Toxel & Toxtricity

New Pokemon: Eletrato & Toxamp

Eletrato is what I conceived as the Pikachu clone of the Lumaria region. I gave it the Poison-typing because of the idea of sewer rats and them being contaminated with disease, that ol’ lovely stuff. It’ll have the Ability Pickup, and the Hidden Ability Stench.

Toxel develops and evolves differently to those from Galar. At level 15, Toxel evolves into Toxamp, bridging the enormous gap between Toxel and Toxtricity. I felt that the Toxel line needs to be a third-stage evolution, as I previously mentioned it’s such a huge gap otherwise. Toxamp will have the same Abilities as Toxtricity (Punk Rock, Plus/Minus or Technician as a Hidden Ability), and at least be a little more viable than Toxel. Toxamp will basically take on the appearance of a teenage version of Toxtricity.


Current Pokemon: Hawlucha

New Pokemon: Benfeagle & Nearfetch’d

Benfeagle is one of a set of three Pokemon that I created for the Lumaria region. Benfeagle is based on an eagle, as well as the Portuguese football club Benfica. The concept of the three Pokemon (another of which I’ll touch on in this post) is that they are the “Três Grandes” (or Big Three) in Portugal. Therefore their only Ability is Derby, where the Pokemon’s Attack and Defense are increased by one stage when against another Pokemon with the Derby Ability.

Nearfetch’d is the evolved form of Kantonian Farfetch’d, having evolved after hitting level 30 and having fought in 30 battles. Now, this premise is pretty simple, and not as convoluted as Sirfetch’d. Nearfetch’d is a close combatant, and so its Abilities will be Reckless and Huge Power for its Hidden Ability.


Current Pokemon: Hakamo-o & Kommo-o

New Pokemon: Portogon

Portogon is the other of the Três Grandes that we’re discussing today. Portogon is based on FC Porto this time, and its crest includes a dragon, hence the Dragon/Fighting-type. As discussed, it also receives the Ability Derby.

Both Benfeagle and Portogon will have an emphasis on equalising attack and defence, with Benfeagle being the faster of the two, and Portogon will be a little bulkier in its HP stat instead. Sporleao (which is not on this list) in comparison will have equal speed and HP.


Current Pokemon: Frillish & Jellicent

New Pokemon: Fenwicca

Fenwicca is based on a bog witch, although not as creepy as you’d imagine. It’d take on a deceptively cute nature, but when the prey is attracted, it will devour it whole. It has the Ability Gooey, which will lower the attacker’s Speed stat upon contact.

This Pokemon will be a great special attacker, I’m sure, albeit a little fragile.


Current Pokemon: Honedge, Doublade & Aegislash

New Pokemon: Helmrit & Rustgeist

I got the inspiration for Helmrit and Rustgeist while watching Fullmetal Alchemist (for obvious reasons). Basically, Helmrit is based on the head of a suit of armour, and then it will evolve into Rustgeist at level 35, forming the rest of the suit of armour. It will have the Ability Spectral Transfer, where any physical contact will have a chance to add the Ghost-type to the attacker.  It will receive the Hidden Ability Steely Spirit.

In terms of stats, they will both have a similar stat distribution to Golett and Golurk – abysmal speed, but amazing physical offense.


Current Pokemon: Galarian Weezing

New Pokemon: Odditee

Odditee is a Mythical Pokemon worshipped by the people of Lumaria as a deity. However, its existence has yet to be proven past ancient drawings. Its real name is unknown, hence why people have dubbed it ‘Odditee’. It has two unique Abilities – Copycat and Power Share. Copycat copies the stat boots of the opposing Pokemon, and Power Share is where the last Pokemon in the party shares its highest stat with this Pokemon, allowing said Pokemon to raise that stat by two stages (for example, if Lucario is at the back of the party, Odditee’s Special Attack stat will be raised by two stages).


Current Pokemon: Morpeko

New Pokemon: Luxray (regional variant)

I decided to create a regional variant of Luxray with a much-requested type combination of Electric/Dark. It would be based on the Iberian lynx, which is found in the Iberian Peninsula, which is divided principally between Spain and Portugal. With Luxray being hunted to near-extinction, it gained the Dark-type in response. By keeping Luxray as a physical attacker, it will make great use of the Dark-type now-STAB physical moves, like Crunch and Thief.

It gains the Ability Intimidate as standard, as well as Quick Feet. It will keep Guts as its Hidden Ability.


Current Pokemon: Sneasel & Weavile

New Pokemon: Krampurr

Krampurr is basically a cat with goat-like features. It’s based on Krampus, who punishes children for misbehaving at Christmas (I’m just glad I wasn’t exposed to that story as a kid). It’d be an ideal counterpart to Delibird and will have the Ability Backlash, which will damage any opponent that attacks it (kinda like the Rocky Helmet item).

It’s bulky in defenses to cover its 4x weakness to Fighting, though. But if it survives a Fighting-type hit, it’s a Christmas miracle!


Current Pokemon: Nihilego

New Pokemon: Chalcarock

Chalcarock is based on the chalcanthite, which is a beautiful blue/green water-soluble sulfate mineral, however, it’s deadly when it’s broken down by water. Therefore, it’ll have the Ability Soluble – when hit by a Water-type attack, it’ll poison all of the Pokemon on the field (with the exception of immune Pokemon).


Current Pokemon: Rotom

New Pokemon: Plasmite

Plasmite is a plasma Pokemon whose electricity keeps it in this plane of existence. It’s more commonly found near appliances that have been left on, allowing it to power itself up. Its Abilities are Lightning Rod and Motor Drive.

There’s not a whole lot I can say for this, but it’s a pretty poor Pokemon to use in battle. It’s literally a worse Rotom.


Current Pokemon: Volcanion

New Pokemon: Arcanine (regional variant)

People wanted a Water-type regional variant of Arcanine. I think Arcanine is fine as a Fire-type. I’ll compromise and bring you a Fire/Water Arcanine. I think it’ll look like it has steam coming from it, like extra fur, if that makes sense.

I’d also still give it Intimidate and Justified (Hidden Ability), but for its secondary, I’d want to give it an Ability called Steam Body – the opponent is damaged upon physical contact, and has a chance to burn.


Current Pokemon: Dottler & Orbeetle

New Pokemon: Hibee

Hibee is your generic drone bee. They evolve from male Combee starting at level 21, just like its female counterpart. Hibee is a combination of ‘hive mind’ and ‘bee’, and lose its Flying-type in favour of Psychic as its secondary. True to the nature of the Drone Bee, its only Ability will be Wild Mate (for lack of better phrasing), where the wild Pokemon encounters will have a higher chance of being female. Honestly, a lot of Abilities have to suck (and so do the Pokemon), but this would make shiny hunting for Salandit less of a drag.

4 comments on “Making New Pokemon from Unique Type Combinations – Part 1”

  1. I was sincerely hoping Portogon would be a branch evolution of Porygon lol. Also, Power Share sounds like it has the potential to be broken — especially if it can be Skill Swapped/Traced. I love it.

    I think my favorite of this batch might be Chalcarock. Soluable sounds like an awesome ability, especially if paired with a Guts Pokemon *stares at Hariyama*.


    1. Honestly Power Share is supposed to be broken, hence why it’s on a Mythical.

      I really like how I managed to come up with Chalcarock, and Portogon is part of a trio, with no relation to Porygon, sadly.


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