Top 10 Flying-Types

We’re definitely soaring through the list now, aren’t we? Well, let’s get into it! Here is my top 10 Flying-type list!

10. Braviary


I’ve discussed Braviary aplenty before, so here’s the breakdown – Braviary is awesome. That’s pretty much it.

9. Zapdos


I’ve talked about Zapdos enough, you know the drill. It’s here, that’s all.

8. Altaria


For me, Altaria is an interesting anomaly. It’s very majestic, and a great Dragon-type to have on your team if you don’t want to train up a pseudo-Legendary. Interestingly, Mega Altaria is immune to Dragon-type moves because it also has the Fairy-typing. I adore this majestic cloud-bird, especially with its shiny form being such a lovely golden colour.

7. Honchkrow


Honchkrow is just badass. It’s been on a couple of my ‘Theme Team’ lists for various characters, and both sported the Superpower move (although it’s risky to lower its already pitiful Defense stat). Give Honchkrow the Moxie Ability to further boost its lovely Attack stat, too! It’s definitely an upgrade from Murkrow that was much-needed.

6. Drifblim


I love both Drifloon and Drifblim, but I have to give Drifblim credit where it’s due – it has a surprisingly high HP stat, but that goes to justify its lousy defensive capabilities. At least it can hit well, but it’s here for its gimmick of being a Pokemon that takes people away, and its shiny form is beautiful and yellow!

5. Corviknight


Who doesn’t love Corviknight? While I didn’t carry one all the way through to the end of my playthrough, I still love it. It has a great Flying/Steel-type combination, and this comes in handy for that extra resistance to go along with its great Defense stat. It’s also a great change to the Normal/Flying-type combination that we see on early birds. I have to give credit – shiny Corviknight is beautiful, and it’s also blessed with a Gigantamax form!

4. Staraptor


Staraptor is one of the best early birds there is. I used a Staraptor back in the day of Diamond, and I couldn’t have had a better bird on the team. Its Intimidate Ability really helped cut the attack of the opponent, and it was so strong for me – it was part of the strongest three on my team, along with Luxray and Roserade.

3. Hawlucha


Hawlucha is just one that I love for the appearance and gimmick alone if I’m honest. It’s definitely a show-off luchador, and we love a bit of wrestling in Pokemon, it’s clear. It gets access to Flying Press, which deals both Fighting and Flying-type damage, meaning it has great coverage across the board in terms of weaknesses (I always forget Pikachu Libre can learn Flying Press, too).

2. Rayquaza


Rayquaza is magnificent, but broken as hell. I pointed this out in my Mega Evolutions list, but Rayquaza, because of the storyline of the Delta Episode, can Mega Evolve without holding a corresponding item – meaning that it can hold something else to give it extra damage output, such as a Life Orb. Rayquaza is also one of my favourite Legendaries of all-time, too!

1. Togekiss


Togekiss was such a powerhouse when it came to Pokemon Go, and I know it’s a huge factor in the competitive scene, too. You definitely want to focus on Special moves for this though, as its physical Attack stat is shocking. That’s easy to do, though, as a lot of its moveset is comprised of Special Attack. I’d go for Super Luck on Togekiss for some extra critical hits. This thing can learn more moves that can’t miss than any other Pokemon too, and they all have great type coverage! Its change to Fairy/Flying has really helped it since Gen 6, though!

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Flying-Types

  1. Tim

    I like how we both like Honchkrow, yet run completely differing styles of it (I’m a fan of Prankster sets on it). Togekiss, however, can fuck right off lol


    1. thatlittlelola

      Shhh Togekiss can stay where it is lol! I think the beauty of different Pokemon is how different people use them, like with Honchkrow. Kinda makes things a bit unpredictable in that regard.


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