Worst Animal Crossing Villagers by Species

There are plenty of Animal Crossing villagers that we love, but then there are also the ones that we really can’t gel with. It’s all subjective, and whatever villager I may like, you may dislike, and vice versa.

But here are my choices for the worst Animal Crossing villagers by species.

Alligator – Boots

I had Boots on my island before, and he was just annoying. I thought I’d like him due to his simple appearance, but I just couldn’t gel with him. I cheered when he wanted to leave the island.

Anteater – Olaf

I’m not huge on the anteaters anyway, but Olaf reminds me of that one character from the Lemony Snicket series by name only, and therefore I just can’t. Plus he looks so angry he probably won’t enjoy Laranjeira anyway.

Bear – Chow

It’s scary. Please take it away.

Bird – Jitters

This poor bird looks how I felt when I was at my call centre job and chugging cups of vanilla flavoured coffee like there was no tomorrow.

Bull – Coach

I’m not huge on the facial hair aspect on villagers, but it does suit Coach with his aesthetic, I won’t lie. But it’s just not one that I’d have on my island.

Cat – Tabby

I like most of the cat villagers, but poor Tabby looks like she has issues, man. Poor thing. I think it’s the teeth. She has the same problem that Moe does in that regard – a weird mouth.

Chicken – Knox

I don’t particularly like the animals wearing armour or having attachments that make them look like it’s a part of their body, and Knox is very much the prime example here.

Cow – Naomi

The cows tend to be pretty plain, but Naomi is the only one that looks really unique but strange at the same time.

Cub – Barold

Again, I don’t like the facial hair or the glasses-looking situation. He’s one of the only cub villagers that I just don’t like.

Deer – Deirdre

It’s a stretch because of the amount of good deer villagers. But Deirdre, that lipstick? Oh honey, no. You would have been as lovely as Fauna otherwise!

Dog – Marcel

I have a dislike for mimes. I think the worst part isn’t the face, it’s the body, which is green, for some reason. If Marcel had a black body, I still wouldn’t have liked him that much, but it would have been a lot less jarring.

Duck – Freckles

Freckles would be very endearing, if it wasn’t for the wide-set eyes. That kinda creeps me out a little, not gonna lie.

Eagle – Amelia

I like the eagles, but Amelia looks like she’s stuck her face too close to the sun. Get some aloe vera on that shit, honey!

Elephant – Paolo

That smile doesn’t belong on the side of your face. Please move it, then we’ll talk.

Such a lovely pink colour though, a shame.

Frog – Jambette

Euw those lips. Girl you don’t need lip injections! She looks like she’s been on Drag Race and then got called up for the All-Stars variant, so she had to get lip injections as a ‘glow-up’.

Goat – Velma

Velma kinda reminds me of a guy that was a friend of some folks from college. Seriously, she does look like him. The goats aren’t great anyway, but I just can’t with Velma.

Gorilla – Violet

I don’t like the gorillas, but Violet takes it a step further. I don’t like the lips, they look like facial hair.

Hamster – Rodney

Whenever I see him on a Mystery Tour I run the fuck away.

Hippo – Harry

Harry appears on every Mystery Tour that I do, and when you’re looking for certain villagers, that’s one Nook Miles Ticket wasted. I got trashed for disliking him because he got pissy about the hate.

Horse – Victoria

I just don’t like the racing gear, okay? It detracts from the rest of her.

Kangaroo – Sylvia

Why does she look like an emo reject? Like girl this ain’t 2006! It’s just the hair. Get rid of the hair, then we’ll talk.

Koala – Alice

She’s just not my cup of tea. I like the koalas, but Alice is a bit of a miss for me. I can see that she’s endearing in her own way, but Alice is the least memorable of the bunch.

Lion – Leopold

I think the colours clash too horribly, but then again, I don’t like any of the lion villagers. I tend to get strange vibes from him, like he’s one of those intellectual-looking anime characters that is secretly completely twisted and evil.

Monkey – Tammi

The only monkey I like is Deli. The others creep me out. So have Tammi, who was picked at random for this entry.

Mouse – Moose

I really don’t like villagers with prominent hair-like features (see Barold). Moose reminds me of that one Maths teacher I used to have with dark hair and ginger sideburns.

Octopus – Zucker

The only thing I dislike about Zucker is that I found him three times on two separate villager hunts. Considering the other options for this category were Marina and Octavian, sorry Zucker!

Ostrich – Phil

I really like the ostriches, so sorry Phil! You’re just the least liked of them.

Penguin – Puck

Again, the penguins I really like. I’m not a fan of head-gear or stuff like that on villagers. I love the pink, I just wish that it was more visible.

Pig – Curly

The main thing I dislike about Curly is that he shares Connor’s birthday (July 26th), so I can’t have his birthday twin on my island because it’s…this thing.

Rabbit – Tiffany

She just straight-up looks like someone that I’d find on West Street on a Saturday night. Nope. Even her name makes her sound like that kind of worker.

Rhino – Rhonda

I’m not huge on a lot of the rhinos, but Rhonda would definitely go well with the wannabe emo Sylvia.

I have nothing against the emo culture, but still…not a good look for Rhonda.

Sheep – Wendy

Wendy annoyed the living crap out of me when she was on my island. I love the colours and whatnot, but with Twiggy being another peppy villager, Wendy looked like a try-hard. And it took all day to get her off my island when someone else had Willow in boxes.

I really wanted Willow.

Squirrel – Sheldon

I like the squirrels, Sheldon just looks goofier than the rest. It was a hard toss-up between Sheldon and Ricky, but Sheldon lost the coin-flip.

Tiger – Tybalt

I dunno, just don’t feel any of the tigers. Sorry Tybalt.

Wolf – Dobie

I don’t actually dislike any of the wolf villagers, but Dobie is kinda the one I’d be less inclined to choose to come to my island. Although if I had an entire wolf village, I wouldn’t be mad with him in the slightest.

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